ISIS Sex Slaves in Iraq


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The Islamic State jihadis are selling Christian girls on an open sex slave market for a thousand dollars.

An Iraqi refugee only known as Rwaa said, “We fled last night, actually at 3 a.m. in the morning. We were at home when someone came and told us to, ‘Leave! Leave!’

We left with our clothes only. We didn’t even take our passports. And (crying) we have no place to go because no one wants us here. They took everything from us… They took the women. They raped them. They are selling them. For God Sakes, they are selling them! What century are we?”

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Muslimas in India Want to Suspend Sharia Law

Indian Muslim Women1 copyMuslim women NGO’s work offers insights into the mindset of Indian Muslims: ‘Muslim male lawyers … saw nothing wrong in a 13-year-old [girl] getting married.’

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Muslim women are treated inequitably under Muslim Personal Laws, as a husband can unilaterally divorce a wife, or give her no alimony after divorce.

A judgment by the Supreme Court of India to correct the situation in 1986 by granting destitute Muslim woman Shah Bano alimony was met with countrywide protests by Muslims who saw it anti-Islamic. The then-secular government of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi surrendered before the Islamic fundamentalists, enacting a law in favor of Islam and quashing the Supreme Court judgment.

The BMMA is trying to get the Indian government to enact a law that could be more humane to Muslim women. As part of this attempt, it has drafted a “Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act.”

But an Indian media report on the behind-the-scenes work in preparing the proposed law reveals a Muslim mindset which could prevent the Indian government from enacting the proposed Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act, or passing a Uniform Civil Code for all citizens.

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British Jihadi Females Join Islamic State Police Force

ABC News

ABC News

British female jihadis are running an ultra-religious police force that punishes women for un-Islamic behaviour in territory controlled by Islamist terrorists, The Telegraph can disclose.

New evidence shows a number of British female recruits to the al-Khanssaa brigade, an all-
women militia set up by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

The al-Khanssaa brigade is operating in Raqqa, the Syrian city where Isil has set up its headquarters in the country. Security services believe that the American hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff were both beheaded in the desert surrounding Raqqa.

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Who is at Fault for the Abuse of 1,400 Sexually Abused British Girls?

20140830_BRD001_0 copyThey found her in the back of a car, drunk. She was with a man who was found with pornographic photos of her on his phone. She was 12.

This child, only known as Child H, is just one of an estimated 1,400 children who were sexually exploited in Rotherham, England, between 1997 and 2013, according to a new report. 

Like many others, Child H was identified by authorities for being at risk of sexual exploitation at a young age. At the age of 11, she reported to police that she and another child had been sexually assaulted at the hands of adult men.

But sometime after her 12th was “at no risk of sexual exploitation,” and closed it. A month later, she was found in a house with another child and several adult men. She was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Her abusers went free.

The report documents a long litany of systemic failures that left several children dead, and many others scarred by deep psychological and physical trauma as a result of repeated rapes, trafficking and sexual abuse at the hands of dozens of [Islamic] men.

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Raped British Girls Gave Birth to Over 100 Babies

Babies-crawling-007 copyTeenage girls raped in the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal gave birth to more than 100 babies. Scores more children as young as 13 miscarried or were forced to have abortions after attacks by Asian gangs on 1,400 girls.

One victim, who got pregnant TWICE to the same attacker, said: “I was groomed and abused, but the police took no action.”

The vulnerable youngster had an abortion at just 14 when her abuser threatened to have her killed if she gave birth to his baby.

Then he made her pregnant again just six months later – and allowed her to keep her child, but only if she became a Muslim.

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British Child Abuser Living the High Life

b93b7563-90db-42d0-8d46-7952c2072cbd copyOne of the ring leaders of a child grooming gang in Rotherham has boasted he is ‘living the high life’ after being released from jail.

Umar Razaq, 28, was jailed in 2010 in a case that lifted the lid on the horrific extent of sexual exploitation in the South Yorkshire town.

But after appealing the length of his four-year sentence, he has been released – and is now jetting off on holiday to Pakistan.

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Yazidi Women Raped and Made Sex Slaves by ISIS

yazidi-women copyThousands of Iraq’s Yazidis, driven from their homes by ISIS and trapped in the desperate siege of Mt. Sinjar, have captured the world’s attention and received some relief from U.S. airstrikes and humanitarian aid. But hundreds of Yazidi women taken by ISIS and held in a secret prison where they have been raped and sold off like property are facing an equally dire fate.

Survivors who managed to escape from ISIS say the women held in its prison in Mosul face two fates: Those who convert to Islam are sold as brides to Islamist fighters for prices as low as $25, and ranging up to $150. Those who do not convert face daily rape and a slow death.

Accounts of the prison have come from women who managed to hide their cellular phones, calling relatives to describe their plight. Some imprisoned women have been forced by militants to call their families.

The mother of one woman still held captive told The Daily Beast about the call she received from her daughter. She was forced to listen as her daughter detailed being raped by dozens of men over the course of a few hours.

Still other women testified that multiple children had been born under these conditions, with the newborns ripped away from their mother’s arms to fates unknown.

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Advertisement With Female Fighters Invites the Wrath of Allah

muay_thai_kedah_poster_2808_840_1188_100 copyMuslim group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) blasted the Kedah authorities today for installing billboard advertisements of “sexy” women muay thai fighters, claiming the pictures would invite the “wrath of Allah” on the state.   

The group’s Kedah chapter said the billboards were considered sinful because they showed the fighters garbed in “indecent” wear. 

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Gender Repercussions of Political Islam in Turkey

n_70054_1 copyCan a new victorious president, ready to transform Turkey, sustain a Muslim modernity while bypassing the individual rights and liberties of women and gay citizens?

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Probably not. Islamic doctrine is not based on individual rights as we understand them in the West. The law of Islam, the sharia, rests on what is permitted and what is not permitted according to the Koran, the words of Allah, and the sunna, the words and deeds of Mohammed who lived in the 7th century.

Thus, the underpinning of Islamic law is tribal and collective and has not undergone an “enlightenment” due to the pronouncements of Allah, Mohammed and Islamic scholars that the ideology based on the source texts are holy and can’t be changed or debated and are for all places, all peoples and all times.

Why? Because the texts say so. It is circular reasoning but Islam is not based on rational thought but on revelation, or revealed pronouncements. So when the Koran states, as it does in Chapter 4:34 that husbands can beat their wives, this is sacred law and cannot be changed.

This is the sadness of Islam. This is the sadness I feel when I see courageous and feisty Muslim women trying so hard to change what cannot be changed, their lack of liberty and respect from men. So when Muslim countries stray from their doctrine and sharia law, women have more freedom. When pure Islam is practiced as by the Islamic State jihadis and in Afghanistan, women become a commodity, to be bought, sold, used and abused, like an animal.