Leave Your Bikini at Home. There’s Terror at the Beach

I don’t wear a bikini and haven’t for many years. Especially after the babies came. I wear a black, tummy paneled, one piece swim suit. But many women wear bikinis and two piece suits and look great in them.
What is important here is that I have a choice. In Islam, there’s no choice. Now Muslim women can wear a burkini, a bathing suit/robe that covers the whole body, head and neck so they can go into the water and swim, but face it, ladies, it’s not a charisma statement.

The Daily Beatarticle has posted an article from comes via InfidelsAreCool blog which concerns a Russian beach on the Caspian Sea that has been bombed due to women not following sharia law and covering themselves head to toe. Read it and be thankful you are not one of these women.

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