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Rape in Tahrir Square

Press watchdog Reporters Without Borders urged media organisations on Friday to take care to protect female reporters from sexual assault while covering unrest in Egypt, following several serious attacks.

The group initially warned women journalists not to work in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, epicentre of the revolt against Egypt’s junta, at all, but after protests from press unions decided instead to advise great caution.

“It is more dangerous for a woman than a man to cover the demonstrations in Tahrir Square. That is the reality and the media must face it,” RSF said. . . .

For the past week Tahrir Square has seen mass protests and violent clashes between regime forces and pro-democracy campaigners demanding an end to trial by military tribunal and a faster transition to civilian rule.

French television reporter Caroline Sinz from the state network France 3 was subjected to a violent sexual assault by a gang of young men and boys and her cameraman was beaten as they tried to cover the [Eyptian] revolt.
The attacks came shortly after Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy reported that she had been the victim of a grotesque sexual assault by police after she was arrested during the protests.

Both cases recalled the February 11 sexual assault on South African CBS correspondent Lara Logan, who was seized by a mob as she worked in the square. Several other women, both Egyptian and foreign, have complained of sexual aggression from both protesters and security forces.

According to a study carried out in 2008 by the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights, more than 80% of Egyptian women suffer sexual assault or harrassment ranging from remarks to leering, half of them on daily basis.”

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The Learning Channel – Useful Fools for a Terrorist-supporting Cleric

Daniel Greenfield, aka Sultan Knish, is one of the best political writers around AND he knows his Islam. In this essay “The Islamic Feminism of All-American Muslim” at FrontPage Mag, he exposes the nasty misogynistic underbelly of the TLC television show.

The Fast and the Furious,” the second episode of TLC’s All-American Muslim, plays out like a hijab commercial, along with a pitch for the Ramadan fast. But what is missing is any acknowledgement of the violent means by which the hijab is imposed on Muslim and non-Muslim women around the world. For many women, even in North America, the consequences of not wearing the hijab can be fatal.

Sixteen-year-old Aqsa Parvaz was strangled to death by her father because she refused to wear a hijab… not somewhere in Pakistan, but in Ontario. In that same city, Mohammad Shafia killed his three daughters, ranging in age from 13 to 19, over their refusal to wear hijabs. There is no way to know if Virginia Slims or the hijab killed more women, but we do know that today it is unacceptable to show women smoking, but it is acceptable to promote treating them as chattel.

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Women Are Deficient in Intelligence Says Female Egyptian Political Candidate

From Donia al-Watan in Gaza, translated by TranslatingJihad.

A female salafi candidate for Egyptian Parliament, Muna Salah, said to al-Sharq al-Awsat that women are deficient in intelligence and religion, and it is not permissible for them to be in authority or to occupy the office of the presidency.”
Read the more about this woman and find out why she said this HERE.

Bulletin for Oct 25 – Nov 15, 2011

This blog began as an email bulletin sent out to those concerned about the oppression of women under Islam. We are now hosting the bulletins on this blog, which you can access by clicking on “BULLETIN” in our menu below our banner.

Over the next few days, we will be moving all the past bulletins onto this blog where they can be  searched and shared easily.  We trust this will be a valuable resource in the struggle against political Islam.

Cover Up Those Sexy Eyes or Else!


The good ole boys with the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Saudi Arabia are at it again.

They’ve had a hard time with those uppity Saudi women who want to drive cars, work in business and, YIKES, even vote. Now the floozies are trying to tempt men with alluring sexy eyes!

Women with sexy eyes in Saudi Arabia may be forced to cover them up, according to the spokesperson of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in the conservative Gulf kingdom.

Spokesman of the Ha’eal district, Sheikh Motlab al-Nabet said the committee has the right to stop a women whose eyes seem “tempting” and order her to cover them immediately.

Saudi women are already forced to wear a loose black dress and to cover their hair and in some areas, their face, while in public or face fines or sometimes worse, including public lashings.

The announcement came days after the Saudi newspaper al-Watan reported that a Saudi man was admitted to a hospital after a fight with a member of the committee when he ordered his wife to cover her eyes. The husband was then stabbed twice in the hand.

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Arrogant Ignorance

From the BBC (hat tip to JihadWatch):

Afghanistan, November 2011

“ The European Union has blocked the release of a documentary on Afghan women who are in jail for so-called “moral crimes”. The EU says it decided to withdraw the film – which it commissioned and paid for – because of “very real concerns for the safety of the women portrayed”.

However, human rights workers say the injustice in the Afghan judicial system should be exposed. Half of Afghanistan’s women prisoners are inmates for “zina” or moral crimes. Some of the women convicted of “zina” are guilty of nothing more than running away from forced marriages or violent husbands.

Human rights activists say hundreds of those behind bars are victims of domestic violence. You hear the story again and again of women going to the police and asking for help and ending up in prison instead”

The documentary told the story of a 19-year-old prisoner called Gulnaz. After she was raped, she was charged with adultery. Her baby girl, born following the rape, is serving her sentence with her.”

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The Female Sisyphus

Many of my activist friends were excited about the “Arab spring” revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. I told them that the Muslim Brotherhood and their Islamist followers would take over and fill the political vacuum because of their experience and organizational abilities, and that they would institute stricter sharia law.

So what has happened since the revolutions? Here’s an excerpt from an article about Libya from the New York Times (Hat tip to Kendra).

“In announcing the success of the Libyan revolution and calling for a new, more pious nation, the head of the interim government, Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, also seemed to clear the way for unrestricted polygamy in a Muslim country where it has been limited and rare for decades.

It looked like a sizable step backward for women at a moment when much here — institutions, laws, social relations — is still in play after the end of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s 42 years of authoritarian rule.”

And in Tunisia:

Some 200 Tunisian women demonstrated Wednesday in downtown Tunis in defense of their rights, following the election victory of an Islamist party.
Tunisia is known for some of the most progressive legislation in the Middle East regarding women’s rights — something many say is in danger after a moderate Islamist party took the most votes in the recent election.

The Islamist Ennahda Party, however, has promised to protect women’s rights, including the personal status code, which makes women equal to men in divorce and bars polygamy.

Liberals, however, have accused the Islamist party of “double speak.”

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