Pakistani Muslims Kidnap Hindu Teenagers to Marry

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Hindus in Pakistan accuse Muslims of kidnapping teens as wives.
The girls are forced to convert to Islam, rights groups say. In court, a few wives have chosen to stay with their husbands, but families say they were coerced.
[ . . . ]
In a country where Hindu-dominated India is widely reviled as Enemy No. 1, Pakistan’s Hindu community endures extortion, disenfranchisement and other forms of discrimination.

These days, however, Hindus are fixated on a surge of kidnappings of teenage girls by young Muslim men who force them to convert and wed. Pakistani human rights activists report as many as 25 cases a month.

Read the rest here.  (h/t to Grendel)

Now why would the religion of peace revile the Hindus and discriminate against them?

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