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Somali Woman Stoned to Death Under Sharia Law

Woman Stoned to DeathA young woman was stoned to death Thursday in Somalia after being convicted of engaging in out-of-marriage sex, reports say.

Residents of Jamama town, 425km south of Mogadishu in Lower Juba region, said that militants loyal to Al-Shabaab carried out the stoning at the town’s main square in late afternoon.

“Many residents were called to attend the execution of the punishment,” a resident who requested anonymity for own safety told Kulmiye, an independent broadcaster in Mogadishu.

He added that Al-Shabaab officials in the town witnessed the stoning.

“The woman admitted having out-of-marriage sex,” said an Islamist official who talked to the crowd after the stoning was completed.

“This type of punishments that are compatible with Sharia (Islamic laws) will be administered,” said the official.


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The official is right.  Here’s what the Reliance of the Traveller, the Classic Manual of Sacred Islamic Law, says about the legal penalty for those who fornicate, who have reached puberty, are sane and commit the act voluntarily, no matter whether the person is a Muslim or non-Muslim in an Islamic state:

o12.2  “If the offender is someone with the capacity to remain chase, then he or she is stoned to death . . .”

The State of FGM in the UK

No FGM logoIn May this year an e-petition demanding an end to female genital mutilation (FGM) in Britain was submitted to the UK Government website. I was lead author of that petition, which can be viewed here.

Well over 20,000, perhaps 25,000, under-age British girls are thought to be subjected to, or at serious risk of, FGM every year, so we might expect that a petition seeking to stop it would be accepted by the government, as encouragement to action and greater awareness.

But no. The petition was, after a full week of waiting, rejected without explanation. It took another month or more of insistent emails to discover why.

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Rape of Non Muslim Women Condoned by Malaysian Political Party

Non-Muslim women legal to rapeDatuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek agreed today with a Wanita MCA leader’s view that PAS condones the raping of non-Muslim women, pointing out that the party’s spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat had made the opinion clear in a speech four years ago.

The MCA president (picture) alleged that in the 2008 speech, Nik Aziz had said that women who do not “tutup aurat” (protect their modesty) “deserved to be raped”.

“And the reason he gave was that this is because the eye is connected to the genitalia so when you see… you get provoked.

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Dr. Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political Islam on the rape of non-Muslim women:

Mohammed and the Koran advocate rape of the kafirs. After their battles the jihadists partook in the pleasure of raping the wives and daughters of the conquered men. Duality separates the kafirs from a real humanity and submission means that the cruelest treatment is given to them so they will submit. It is only just.
Rape is a supreme tactic of war and Mohammed used it in every way possible. Rape humiliates the kafir men and crushes the spirit of the women. It is the perfect weapon of fear and subjugation. How much more humiliated and subjugated can a woman be? The history of jihad shows that rape was a constant.
[ . . . ]
Dualistic ethics make rape a virtue. Islam has one ethical code for Muslims and another one for kafirs—dualism. The kafir woman is not real human. Allah hates kafirs and sanctioned rape. So when a Muslim rapes a kafir, he is partaking in sacred behavior, sanctioned by his ethics. Rape of the kafir is Sunna (following the ideal behavior of Mohammed).

Afghan Man Kills His Wife To Prevent Her from Taking a Job

Burqa clad Afghan womanA man in a western Afghan city has confessed to stabbing his wife to death to prevent her from taking a job outside the home, police said Monday.

Mohammad Anwar, who was arrested in the provincial capital for the murder, said he killed his wife during an argument over whether she should work at private company in the city, Herat province police spokesman Noor Khan Nekzad said.

The woman’s relatives disputed the account, saying her husband was a drug addict who killed his wife because she refused to give him money.

The killing comes less than two weeks after a woman was beheaded in the same city for refusing alleged demands by her in-laws to engage in prostitution.

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Egyptian Women Reject the Muslim Brotherhood Draft Constitution

Political rally in EgyptEgypt‘s national body for women’s issues, the National Council for Women, held a conference on Monday entitled “Egyptian women reject the draft constitution.”

According to the Council’s head, Mervat El-Tellawy, the draft constitution has not taken into consideration various international charters and agreements which Egypt has signed. Furthermore, the Al-Azhar document of suggested principles for all parties to abide by while writing the constitution has not been incorporated into the draft.

Attending the conference was Abdallah Qandeel, head of the administrative prosecutors committee, who criticised the head of the Constituent Assembly Hossam El-Gheriany for being opposed to women holding high ranks in the judiciary, despite the fact that there are 1,158 female administrative prosecutors, who are involved in resolving disputes between individuals and the government.

Prominent writers Farida El-Shobashy and Fatheya El-Asal also criticised members of the Constituent Assembly for being discriminatory against women. El-Asal complained that the assembly only contains seven women, of whom five are Muslim Brotherhood members, a group she alleged defended female circumcision.

The attendees also chanted: “Down with the rule of the [Muslim Brotherhood] Supreme Guide!”

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Sharia or Women’s Rights in Britain?

Girl with nose cut offRulings by informal religious “councils” and tribunals are sometimes no more “consensual” than rape, peers were told. The warnings came in the first ever full Parliamentary debate on the subject in the UK.

Baroness Cox, the independent peer and Third World campaigner, last year tabled a private member’s bill in the Lords setting out plans to rein in a network of unofficial self-styled “courts” which apply Islamic principles.

One study estimated that there are around 85 Sharia bodies operating in Britain, although there is no official estimate. They include legally recognised arbitration tribunals, set up primarily to resolve financial disputes using Islamic legal principles but which have taken on a wider range of cases.

There is also a network of informal Sharia “councils”, often operating out of mosques, dealing with religious divorces and even child custody matters in line with Islamic teaching.

The bill, which had its first full debate yesterday, would make it a criminal offence for such bodies to style themselves as courts or those chairing them to pose as judges.

It would also limit the activities of arbitration tribunals and explicitly require them to uphold equality laws including women’s rights.

Baroness Cox told the House of cases she had encountered including a woman who had been admitted to hospital by her violent husband who had left her for another woman but still denied her a religious divorce so she could remarry.

Another woman was forced to travel to Jordan to seek permission to remarry from a seven-year-old boy whom she had never met because she had no other male relatives, she said.

A third who came to see her was so scared of being seen going in that she hid behind a tree whole another told her: “I feel betrayed by Britain, I came to this country to get away from all this but the situation is worse here than in my country of origin.”

Baroness Cox said: “These examples are just the tip of an iceberg as many women live in fear, so intimidated by family and community that they dare not speak out or ask for help.”

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Minnesota Muslim Man Found Guilty of Honor Killing

smoking gunA Muslim man from Minnesota, who police say followed his step-daughter to Michigan to kill her in an “Honor Killing,” has been found guilty by a jury.

Rahim Alfetlawi, 47, was convicted Friday of first-degree premeditated murder by a Macomb County Circuit Court jury. He is scheduled to be sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole on November 15th.

Alfetlawi was charged in the death of his 20-year-old stepdaughter, Jessica Mokdad, at her grandmother’s home in Warren, MI, in April 2011.

A conservative Muslim, he told police the gun accidentally went off when he pulled it out, but prosecutors at his trial proved that he intentionally shot Mokdad in the head. He told police she felt the gun he carried for self-defense when she was hugging him, and that she tried to grab it, but when he tried to stop her the gun accidentally discharged.

Prosecutors have said the motive was rooted in the fact that Alfetlawi had been sexually abusing Mokdad and that she might go public with the assaults.

Anti-Islam activists said her death was an example of an Islamic “Honor Killing” because the step-daughter was “not following customary traditional Muslim ways.

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His actions are normative for many men in Islamic countries who are still governed internally by a shame/blame Master/Slave tribal consciousness based on force.  In this consciousness, men are the masters and women and children and those captured in jihad are the slaves. Women are inferior in all ways to men, chattel who can be bought, sold and used by fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons. If women bring shame on the family by breaking the rules, then they must die.

“Customary traditional Muslim ways” are the ways of his tribe, the Koran, the Sunna of Mohammed and sharia law.

The Fate of Muslim Women in Europe

Three women in white burkas on European streetPlease take the time to watch this video about the rise of Islam in Europe from Vlad Tepes  and the Gates of Vienna.  At minute 12:59, you will find an enlightening segment about Muslim women who live in a supposedly free Europe.

This is beyond gender discrimination.  This is beyond anything we in the West know about the treatment of women in a civilized world.  And this is the fate of Muslim women, not just inEurope, but anywhere there is the practice of Islam.


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Taliban Threatens To Kill Another Teenage Afghan Girl

Taliban fighters with turbans and rocket propelled grenadeA second teenage girl has been threatened with assassination in Pakistan following the Taliban’s failed attempt to murder Malala Yousafzai, an outspoken critic of Islamic extremism, earlier this month.

Hina Khan has been subjected to a series of chilling warnings and her family have appealed to the government for protection.

Like Malala, Hina Khan is from Swat and has been campaigning for girls schools since she was 13.

“I can’t go to school, I can’t go out of the house, I can’t even go to the market since these threats,” she told The Daily Telegraph in her family’s dark sitting room, surrounded by campaign posters and with her mother and father keeping a careful watch. “I just pray we will all be OK.”

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British Muslim Sentenced to Life for Stabbing his Second Wife to Death

Muslim Man Who Stabbed Second WifeA British Muslim, who married his second wife in a secret sharia ceremony, has been sentenced to life in jail for stabbing her to death in a ‘merciless’ attack.

Siraj Arif, 31, knifed Saiba Khatoon – who was 19-weeks pregnant – with such ferocity that two of the three kitchen knives he used snapped under the force of the blows in the row over their unborn baby.

Ms Khatoon’s seven-year-old son Farris, from a previous marriage, was woken by the noise and found his mother covered in blood, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Arif, from Smallbridge near Rochdale, had wed Ms Khatoon, 26, in a secret Islamic ceremony despite already being married for ten years.

His other wife, with whom he had three children, had given consent to the polygamous ceremony under sharia law and Ms Khatoon was said to be happy to be his ‘second wife’ while her family disapproved of their relationship.

When Farris discovered his mother in a pool of blood in her house in Rochdale, Greater Manchester and alerted neighbours, shouting: ‘My mum, my mum.’

She was found lying in the kitchen with a number of broken knives and their handles lying around her.

After the killing in May, Arif rang 999 and told police: ‘I had a fight, she picked a knife up and she told me she was going to kill my baby.

‘She told me either I’m going to kill the baby or kill you.

‘I ended up grabbing the knife and shoving it in her. That’s what I did.’

Tests revealed she had been stabbed 15 times.

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