A Crowd of 300 Egyptian Men Sexually Assault Three Women

Men try to pull in a woman to assault during a protestA crowd of 300 young people on Sunday sexually assaulted three women near Tahrir Square, according to a report on the website of Egypt’s flagship paper Al-Ahram.

After the assault, which took place near the Qasr al-Dobara Church that is used as a field hospital in the current protests, the women ran to the nearby Mugamma administrative building in Tahrir Square, the Al-Ahram journalist present wrote about the incident.

Their assaulters followed them there, but the employees of the building closed the doors to block them out. Dozens of other demonstrators, who had been holding a sit-in in the square, then beat the assaulters with sticks and rocks to disperse them, and took the women to their tents in the center of the square.

The report said the Al-Ahram photographer could not take pictures of the women being assaulted, as the assaulters threatened to destroy his camera.

Read more: Egyptian Women Sexually Assaulted by 300 Men in Tahrir Square.

These Muslim male sex maniacs are like dogs who copulate in public in front of everyone.

Surely it’s the beginning of the Arab Winter for Egyptian women.

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2 thoughts on “A Crowd of 300 Egyptian Men Sexually Assault Three Women

  1. Ahmed Ibra

    Sexual assault…it’s not about lust and desire, it’s a violent crime of POWER, CONTROL and DOMINANCE

    Every 45 seconds someone in the United States is sexually assaulted (1).
    1 out of every 7 women currently in college has been raped (2), however, 9 out of 10 women raped on campus never tell anyone about the rape (3).
    1 in 10 men is raped in his lifetime (4), 1 in 7 of those victims will have been assaulted before the age of 18.
    More than 61.5% of rapes are never reported to law enforcement (5).
    Approximately 28% of rape victims are raped by their husbands, 35% by an acquaintance, and 17% by a relative other than spouse (6).
    74% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by assailants well known to the victim (7).
    A female child victim is 7 times more likely to be re-victimized as an adult (8).
    Nearly 6 out of 10 sexual assaults occur at the victim’s home or the home of a friend, relative, or neighbor (9).
    1 in 15 rape victims contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) as a result of being raped (10).
    1 in 15 rape victims become pregnant as a result of being raped (11).
    The United States has the world’s highest rape rate of all countries that publish such data- 13 times higher than England and more than 20 times higher than Japan (12).
    An American woman is 10 times more likely to be raped than to die in a car crash (13).
    61% of rape victims are females under the age of 18 (14).
    Contrary to common belief that violent crime rates are notably lower in rural areas, a recent analysis of location data collected for the 1999 National Women’s Study found that 10.1% of women living in rural areas had experienced a completed rape as compared to 13.6% of women living in urban and suburban communities—hardly a notably lower rate.
    Lewis, S. 2003. Unspoken Crimes: Sexual Assault in Rural America, Enola, PA: National Sexual Violence Resource Center

    Thus, I believe that such facts has taken over your sentence about Muslims. Islam prohibit Rape and not anyone calling himself a Muslim act as a real Muslim. don’t judge Islam by people judge it by its concepts.

  2. Asma Marwan Post author

    Thank you for your comment.

    This article is not about comparative percentages of rape. Just because rape is found in the West, it is false logic to assume that it negates our shining a light on the disgusting dog-like behavior of these men. This event happened in an Islamic country and is about the rape of three Muslim women by a crowd of 100 times that number which is a travesty of Islamic doctrine.

    Please don’t trivialize this event, but educate your young men to be civilized, honorable and respect those of the opposite gender.

    insofar as Islamic doctrine, only those kafir women taken in war can be raped and made sex slaves.