Where Are the Voices of the Western Feminists?

question_mark_masksThe British courts recently asked me to prepare a report on a young Muslim woman of Pakistani descent, and to do so I had to visit her at home. I spoke to her in a room in which a television screen as large as a cinema vied for predominance with embroidered pictures of Mecca and framed quotations from the Koran.

She told me a story with which I was only too familiar. One of eight brothers and sisters, she soon discovered that, while her brothers could do anything they pleased, including crime, she and her sisters were expected to lead spotless lives of infinite tedium and absolutely no choice. At 16, without her consent, she was betrothed to be married to a first cousin in Pakistan, whom she had never met and did not wish to meet.

She ran away to avoid being taken back “home” and married off under duress; but in need of companionship and protection (having been until then a virtual prisoner in her parental home), she soon married a young man of Pakistani descent who turned out to be neither a companion nor protective, but criminal and violent.

Read the rest: Pakistani Woman Denied Rights  

Where are the voices of the Western feminists?  Their silence about the oppression of women in Islam is a disgusting black hole that should be called out for what it is – hypocritical and dishonest.

Is this silence from the fear of jihadi retribution, is it due to the political bindings of PC multiculturalism, or is it that NOW and other women’s organizations and feminist leaders could care less ‘now’ that they’ve achieved many of their goals?  But whatever the reasons, their silence indicates great lack of compassion for their sisters bound by Islamic doctrine and a betrayal of the mission of the feminist movement.

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  1. Anggun Astuty says:

    Have you guys ever heard that what determine people’s behavior is their culture, not their religion? just wondering~

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