Parents Who Burned Their Daughter to Death Released on Bail

Pakistani Girl Burned by Father with Acid

Death is sometimes a blessing.

Police arrested [Pakistanis]Mohammad Zafar and his wife Zaheen Akhtar a week after the October 29 attack on their 15-year-old daughter Anusha, who died in agony from horrific burns in Pakistan-administered Kashmir after allegedly looking at boys.

But district and sessions judge Munir Gilani granted bail because “police had no evidence and they could produce no witnesses,” public prosecutor Mohammad Ali Rathor told reporters.

“The court found it a weak case and, giving the benefit of doubt, granted bail to her parents,” he said.

“No one appeared on behalf of the deceased girl and no human or women rights activists came to pursue the case,” Rathor added.

Read the rest: Pakistani Parents Freed on Bail After Burning Daughter with Acid.

And where are those women’s rights activists?

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3 thoughts on “Parents Who Burned Their Daughter to Death Released on Bail

  1. Lynn

    Right here in America women’s rights activists protect abusers. This world is full of protectionism at all levels. Mothers who create men that terrorize and abuse women are not mothers, but violent animals who need to be caged for creating such monsters in our world. It starts with mothers and their part in these kind of men. Religion also is evil, all religions not just Islam. They all make women second class citizens. I have been terrorized and stalked by a Muslim man for a very long time and missed out on so many years of my life.

  2. Asma Marwan

    Thank you for your comment.

    I’m sorry for your past situation and hope that it is resolved now.

    Perhaps, if possible, you could share how you were seduced by this Muslim man so that other women could learn from your suffering. If it is too painful to write about, I understand.

  3. Anggun Astuty

    Why does it have to be the man who is wrong ? the one who seduce? I mean you met him under duress, no ? if you gave your consent to meet him, then somehow, you practically agreed with the consequences. There are a lot psycho people out there, and in my opinion, religion have nothing to do with it.