Indonesian Authorities Attempt to Legitimize FGM

Girl undergoing FGM

Authorities in Indonesia have been criticised for attempting to “legitimise” female genital mutilation (FGM). According to Faiza Jama Mohamed, director of Equality Now in Nairobi, girls in the country are often forced to undergo the procedure when they are less than six weeks old, Women News Network reports. This, she said, is increasingly being carried out by “medical professionals in a supposedly safe environment”.


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One thought on “Indonesian Authorities Attempt to Legitimize FGM

  1. Anggun Astuty

    This entire issue is overly over-rated. I am indonesian and i’ve been through FGM when I was a kid. There was no one force me -or my parents, because i was still a kid at that time- to gave me a FGM. It is actually just like circumcision for boys. Not that they take all the clitoris away. And it still works, nothing is different. The way they call it mutilations is the real over-rated part, subhanallah…I can’t believe this..this is beyond ridiculous