Female University Students in Gaza Must Wear Burkas


Woman student in hijabThe Gaza Strip’s Al-Aqsa University recently advertised a sweeping order that beginning in the second semester, female students will be required to arrive in traditional Muslim garb, from head to toe, burka included.

Although the university is a public institution seemingly affiliated with the Palestinian Education Ministry in
Ralmallah, it is controlled by Hamas.

Many students have expressed indignation over this decision, claiming that it violates their public freedom.
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On the flipside, some female students actually praised the decision. One of them noted that “this order is natural; all women must dress modestly. That is what the religion requires of us as well.”

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Actually, the musliminas are getting off easy with the burka decree.  If full Islamic sharia law was implemented, they would have to have a male family member travel with them to the university from their home.

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2 thoughts on “Female University Students in Gaza Must Wear Burkas

  1. Anggun Astuty

    Again, this is more cultural than religion. Sure, it is a religion issue that we are talking about..but we have to remember that on the other side of the world, even though a country has the largest community in the world, they don’t force us to use veil. For the consideration.

  2. Reem

    Not all women in Gaza wear hijab, there are women there who have chosen to wear it.

    It also doesn’t make sense because since it’s an only women’s college (allegedly) then they wouldn’t need to cover up.