Gender War Against Islam! Where are the US Feminists?

bare-breasted women protesting in a mosqueOver the weekend, a coven of Ukranian feminists dressed in black robes went to a mosque in Stockholm. They went inside, taking off their shoes as a show of respect. The place was mostly empty, which hurts the impact of what they did a little bit. But we’re all reading about it, so what they did next obviously resonated beyond Sweden.

They ripped off their black robes, revealing slogans emblazoned across their topless torsos. The slogans said things like “No Sharia in Egypt and the world” and “My body is mine, not somebody’s honor.” They shouted things like “Free women!” and “No oppression!”

As happened at a similar protest six weeks ago in Tunisia, the half-naked protesters were hilariously dragged from the scene, probably by sheepish men in impeccable suits. They were jailed and charged on charges of suspicion of disorderly conduct.

The women are members of FEMEN, a 5-year-old Ukranian women’s organization that, unlike the consumer-grade lifestyle feminist movements that preoccupy the affluent ennui of liberals in Western society, actually has a few things to fight about — and Islamic repression lies at the heart of nearly all of it.

“If we did that demonstration in my country, we [would be] raped; we’re going to be cut with knives; we [would be] killed,” said Egyptian protester Aliaa Magda. “We should not be called ‘whores,’ or [told that] we are doing something shameful, like they were calling us today in the mosque,” said another unnamed protester. “They were calling us whores, whores from hell.”
Call them whatever you want. But they’re not fighting for more social support for prostitutes or Federal mandates on access to late-term abortions. They’re fighting against Islamic extremism and the brutal male fantasy of Sharia law, which imposes unbelievable structure, bondage and punishment on women living in societies where Sharia serves as the arbiter of Islamic justice.

Read the rest: Where are Western Feminists in the Face of Islamic Oppression of Women?

More here with video.

And where is the voice of gender equality in the U.S. protesting the oppression of women in Islam?

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  1. Joetheporpoise says:

    Finally. If feminism isn’t going to be completely snuffed out in the next century, it’s going to have to take on Islam. Simple as that. And for those feminists who disagree, 1. show me the country where Muslims and non-Muslims ‘coexist’ (and I’ll show you a country where the Muslim population is less than 10%) and 2. show me how “I have a right to wear the veil (or be killed)” is ‘feminism’. So hurray for Femen. Finally feminists who get it.

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