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The Story of the Poetess Asma bint [daughter of] Marwan and her Death * There was a poetess [in Medina] who wrote a poem against Mohammed and his new way of life, Islam. Mohammed said, “Who will rid me of Marwan’s daughter?” One of his followers heard him and on that very night went to the woman’s home and killed her. The assassin was able to do the work in the dark as the woman slept. Her other children lay in the room, but her babe lay on her breast. The stealthy assassin removed the child and drove the knife into her with such force that he pinned her to the bed. In the morning, he went to Mohammed and told him [what he’d done]. Mohammed said, “You have helped Allah and his Apostle.” When asked about the consequences, Mohammed said, “Two goats won’t butt their heads together over this.” Mohammed turned to the people in the mosque. He said, “If you wish to see a man who has assisted Allah and his Prophet, look ye here.” Omar cried, “What, the blind Omeir?” “No,” said Mohammed, “call him Omeir the Seeing.” * from the Sira (the life of Mohammed) Source Texts Guillaume, A. 1955. The Life of Mohammad: A Translation of Bin Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah Oxford: Oxford University Press, page 996. Muir, Sir William. 1923. The Life of Mohammad: From Original Sources Edinburgh: Reprint, John Grant, page 239.

Problems with Gender Equity in Islam


unchildren_iran_by_stefania_spanc3b2_per_terre_des_hommes_low copyMuslim countries worldwide have problems with gender equality. They dominate the bottom 10 countries in the Global Gender Gap Report, and none of the 10 most successful countries offering equal opportunities for men and women is Muslim.

Girls lag behind boys in school attendance, making up 54 per cent of the out-of-school child population in the Arab states, a figure that has not changed since 2000.

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Why this inequity?

In many Muslim countries, women are subjected to patriarchal norms and varying degrees of restriction on economic participation. This reduces the value of girls’ education in society.

Some scholars blame culture and religion for this problem. Others say the economic structure of some Muslim countries is not conducive to women’s development.

They argue patriarchal norms persist because oil-rich economies limit the role of women in the paid workforce and restrict their participation in politics.

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Here’s a statistical analysis of the position of women in Islamic doctrine from the Center for the Study of Political Islam:

Islam’s stand on women is the same as its stand on every issue—duality and submission. Dualism demands that everything is seen, not as a unified whole, but as divided. The primary political duality is the division between kafirs (unbelievers) and believers. The primary internal duality is the division between males and females.

The principle of submission means that one must rule over the other. No surprise, the women must submit to the men. CSPI measured the submission of the female to the male by analyzing the Islamic doctrine.

All of Islam’s doctrine is found in the Koran, the Hadith (Traditions) and the Sira (the life of Mohammed), the Trilogy. We collected every verse, every paragraph and every sentence that mentioned women and their power relationships. These were all categorized into the women being superior, inferior, equal or merely mentioned.

In 4% of the cases, women were superior, in 91% of the cases they were inferior and in 5% they were equal. But there is a big catch. The only way that women are equal is after death on Judgment day, when men and women will be judged on how well they followed the Koran and the Sunna. And guess what? The only way to follow the Koran and the Sunna is to obey men.

Equality means obeying men.

Acid Attacks on Women in Iran

Zealots on motorcycles are throwing acid at women whose veils are deemed too loose in the ancient city of Isfahan. Are they defying the law, or enforcing it?

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On October 16 the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) confirmed one report: a woman in a car had been attacked, and acid was thrown in her face. There was widespread speculation that it was done as a means of punishment because the woman was wearing an “improper” hejab arranged to show too much of the hair and face beneath.

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FGM on the Rise in Britain

FGM copyHundreds of women in England are being recorded as victims of female genital mutilation every month, a landmark report indicates.

In April this year, hospitals in England were told to start recording cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) they identified.

The figures today are from the first batch of statistics collated and released today by the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

They show that in the last six months, 1,746 cases of the crime were identified in English hospitals.

In September alone, there were 467 new cases where women had been subjected to FGM. This adds to a further 1,279 cases of women who already been identified by the NHS in the five months previously as having been subjected to FGM.

However it is feared the figures could simply be the ‘tip of the iceberg’, with the practice a largely ‘hidden crime’ .

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POLICE chiefs are warning people to be on the lookout for youngsters being taken overseas for female genital mutilation over the half-term break.

Children in Bolton and across Greater Manchester might be vulnerable, police said, as adults often use school holidays to take young girls to Africa, Asia and the Middle East where the procedure, which has been illegal in the UK since 1985, is most prevalent.

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More on the Sex Slavery of Non-Muslim Women by ISIS

artistic-image-of-muslim-selling-sex-slave copyThe holy book is clear about what to do when you capture a city: “Put to the sword all the men in it”. As for the women and children, “You may take these as plunder for yourselves.”

This is pretty much the advice that the fighters of Islamic State (IS) seem to have followed in the Sinjar area of northern Iraq, peopled largely by members of the Yazidi faith, that the jihadists seized last month.

Reports by the UN and independent human-rights groups suggest that the invaders executed hundreds of Yazidi men and kidnapped as many as 2,000 women and children.

Any doubt as to the fate of these captives was dispelled by the latest issue of IS’s glossy English-language online magazine, Dabiq.

An article titled “The Revival of Slavery Before the Hour” details religious justifications for reintroducing a practice that ended in all but a few Muslim countries more than a century ago.

It claims not only that the Koran, the sayings of the prophet and traditional Islamic law all endorse the enslavement of infidel women captured in wartime, but that the abandonment of this right has caused sin to spread; men are easily tempted to debauchery when denied this “legal” alternative to marriage.

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ISIS Stones to Death Another Woman Accused of Adultery

Islamic State militants in Syria stoned to death a young woman who they had accused of committing adultery.

According to the Arabic language news site Al-Arabiya, the stoning took place in the eastern part of the Hama province. A gruesome video of the execution was published by the media sources of the Islamic State (see below).

The video shows the victim’s father standing next an Islamic State member while facing his daughter. Using a pleasant, gentle tone, the militant explains to the woman that she is being punished for the crime of adultery.

The Islamic State member then asks the father if he’s willing to forgive his daughter. The father refuses adamantly. Turning to his daughter he adds, “I’m not your father.”

The militant again tries to convince the father to forgive his daughter before she is stoned to death, but he refuses. The daughter pleads with her father to forgive her, only to be told by him, “Don’t call me father.” In the end, the father only agrees to say, “Allah will forgive.

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Polygamy in Indonesia

coren.indonesia.polygamy.cnn.640x360 copyThe authorities in East Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Province [Indonesia] adopted a bylaw that allows polygamy upon payment of a million rupees (just over 80 dollars) to the local treasury department.

This has sparked controversy and an animated discussion among Indonesians. Although morally accepted under Islam – which allows up to four wives – polygamy in modern Indonesia “is not considered a common practice.”

[ . . . ]

In the past ten years though, a radical change has occurred under the presidency of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Although he has remained a one-wife man, he has been unwilling or unable to stop polygamy from making a comeback in the country, especially in the government itself.

Indeed, some of his government ministers, from pro-Islamic parties, are polygamous, and the president has done nothing to prevent it. However, what happened in East Lombok has aspects and peculiarities that make it “different” from what normally happens.

In fact, not only is polygamy “approved from a moral and legal point of view” but also it is seen a source of revenue.

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Four Afghan Women Shot as Adulterers

M_Id_387598_Afghan_Women copyAt least four women were mysteriously killed by unknown gunmen in western Farah province of Afghanistan late Thursday night.

According to local government officials, the women were shot dead and their bodies were left on a roadside in the central city of Farah.

The main motive behind the murder of women is not clear so far, but the security officials are saying that preliminary reports suggest the women were shot dead over adultery.

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Muslim Father Stabs Daughter to Death for Using Cell Phone

More Halloween Clip Art Illustrations at http://www.ClipartOf.comFaleh Ghazi Albasman, 59, stabbed 24-year-old Mashael in the neck 13 times in the flat that they shared in Bournemouth, before picking up another blade and wounding himself in the stomach.

After being taken to hospital, Albasman spoke Arabic to a surgeon, asking him what the penalty for honor killings were in Britain, before telling him: ‘it’s all about the honor’.

Albasman confessed that he was ‘boiling with anger’ when he attacked his daughter, saying she had been ‘disrespectful’ to him and told him ‘to go home’, Winchester Crown Court heard.

The final straw came when he found her talking on a mobile phone, saying that her behaviour had become ‘inappropriate in my culture’.

The court heard Albasman had come over to Bournemouth, Dorset, with Mashael in November 2013 to be her ‘chaperone’.

She had started an English language course in the seaside town, just before she was found dead by paramedics on March 30 this year.

Kerry Maylin, prosecuting, said: ‘Mashael Albasman was killed due to multiple stab wounds, 13 in all, mainly concentrated on the neck.

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Saudi Arabia and Women’s Sports

Saudi Girls Play Basketball at their school

Saudi Girls Play Basketball at their school

Human Rights Watch last week called on the kingdom to make clear what steps it was taking to ensure that women are included in international competitions and able to participate in sports generally. Saudi Arabia failed to field women athletes at the recent Asian Games after it was forced by the IOC to allow all of two expatriate women to compete in the 2012 London Olympics.

The degree to which Saudi Arabia feels pressured by increasingly unsustainable restrictions on women’s sports was evident in Saudi responses to criticism. Rather than point to the kingdom’s long-standing denial of women’s rights rooted in culture and justified by a puritan interpretation of Islam, Mohammed al-Mishal, the secretary-general of Saudi Arabia’s Olympic Committee, said that Saudi Arabia did not have women athletes who would have qualified for the 2014 Asian Games.

Human Rights Watch Middle East and North Africa director Sarah Leah Whitson dismissed Mr. Al-Mishal’s defence as excuses. “Two years after the London Olympics, the time for excuses is over – Saudi Arabia needs to end its discrimination against women and ensure women’s right to participate in sport on an equal basis with men… Limiting women’s participation to specific sports is yet another example of Saudi Arabia’s refusal to allow women to compete on an equal basis with men,” Ms. Whitson said.

Despite the restrictions, Saudi Arabia has taken small steps towards expanding women’s ability to engage in sports. The country’s Shura Council, a consultative assembly, has urged the education ministry to study the possibility of introducing physical education for girls in public schools. The move could lead to a lifting of the ban on female sports in public schools.

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So the Saudi Shura council is urging the education ministry “to study the possibility of introducing P.E. for girls.

Is it possible that the Saudi girls can keep their virginity, modesty, and honor when they exercise? How far will this “urging” go? They better be careful. Exercise might lead to the Saudi women driving cars.

UPDATE: Saudi Girls’ School Defies Religious Ban on Physical Exercise


An African immigrant used a razor blade to mutilate a woman’s genitalia in a gruesome mingling of culture, cruelty and crime, the Daily News has learned.

Moussa Diarra, 48, was arrested after the alleged Sept. 14 attack on the 24-year-old victim at his upper Manhattan apartment, authorities said.

The victim says she was reluctant to call police because Diarra threatened to kill her if she exposed his attempt at performing a female circumcision — removing her clitoris.

Diarra, a native of the Ivory Coast, sliced the woman’s genitals with a razor blade “for his own direct sexual gratification,” according to a criminal complaint.

The suspect, arrested Sept. 23, was indicted six days later on charges of a criminal sexual act and two counts of assault — along with a fourth count of aggravated sexual assault for inserting a foreign object into her vagina in the month before the razor attack.

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