At the heart of this blog is our “Bulletin” which catalogs events and statements illustrating the oppression of women under Islam. Below you will find links to bulletins presented in reverse chronological order. Please, share this material widely and use it in your ongoing discussions about Islam and the danger it represents for women’s rights!


October 15 – November 19

August 29 – October 14

July 4 – August 27

March 29 – May 26

February 22 – March 29

Januay 19 – February 20

December 14 – January 18


November 15 – December 14

October 25 – November 15

October 10 – October 28

September 14 – October 9

 July 14 – September 7

15 thoughts on “BULLETIN

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  6. Stuart Parsons

    In Islam love is not a many splendid thing. In Quran 4:34 Allah gives men authority over women and husbands the right to beat wives who displease. Muhammad claimed he had a vision of Hell and saw that most of its occupants were women.

    1. redha

      You are mistaken greatest thing in Islam is love and we love a broad concept and to but you Hsrtm the love in a small women because your minds and your vision limited

      1. Becky

        What is the greatest act of love performed by Allah? Jesus said ‘greater love has no man but to lay down his life for his brother’, and he did. He laid it down for you.
        Allah never evolved from works of the flesh to ‘spread the news of Islam’, and still hates unbelievers, allows men to take tiny little girls for ‘wives’, allows slavery, murder/jihad to spread the politics of Islam. Christianity / Judaism don’t allow violence, manipulation/violation of another man’s will or lying to spread the message of God’s freedom and Love for mankind. We’ve ‘evolved’. Violence is only allowed now to protect your family/nation from evil.

    1. Asma Marwan

      listas barcelona, please go to http://www.politicalislam.com and on the left hand side-bar you will see a category titled Newsletters.

      Fill in the necessary info and then check the box for the Bulletin of the Oppression of Women and you will receive an email to confirm that you want the newsletter. confirm and you will received my next bulletin. Thank you.

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  8. Marty

    There is a very courageous person who is behind this work.
    Having stumbled Into Islam through learning about christian persecution I have to say that after reading what you write I know you are on the side of truth.
    I did not want to believe what I heard about Islam at first and then I thought I was going to be judged for telling people what Islam really is in its full package.
    Your blog gives refreshing and questioning look into how Islam treats women. Women who are my equals in my Christian world view. I will show this blog to my wife.
    I am Christian. I do not know if you are.
    I admire your hard work and courage. You are gifted with courage. Be safe:)

    1. Asma Marwan

      Thank you Marty for your kind remarks.

      These words are precious to me.

      “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”
      John, 14:27

  9. Dominic Bianco

    I don’t understand how God gave us the Holy Bible which is our blueprint of the way to a peaceful, loving, prosperous life and these awulf people come and add to the word of God with their ideology rubbish and will kill for it called Islam which means “subbmit”.
    Why do Gods beautiful creation have to suffer, if anyone has any understanding of the Holy Bible it tells you that women are created for man Genesis 2:18-24 to be a mate, help, to be loved and respected to bear children and raise them in a loving home which only a women can, they have that touch they are the last to go to bed at night because the women work’s to keep the house in order. The christian way of life is of peace, love and respect it’s the only way to live to enjoy the feast of our Lord throughout the year Levticus 23: 1-44 and there is so much more just read ther Holy Book and be delighted.