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Somali Jihadists Impose the Niqab on Women

Woman in pink veil Islamist group al-Shabaab, which controls much of southern and central Somalia, has begun imposing clothing restrictions on women en masse, arresting as many as one hundred women this week for not complying with its fundamentalist dress code.

The BBC reports  that al-Shabaab “rounded up around 100 women and ordered them to comply with a strict Islamic dress code or risk being whipped.”

The women were arrested in a market in Buale, a town southwest of Mogadishu. According to those reports, the women were detained for a short time and threatened with whipping should they not comply with al-Shabaab and wear a niqab – the more involved head covering which leaves open only space for a woman’s eyes.

The women, BBC reports, were released because it was their “first offense,” but they were warned that a second such arrest would result in physical abuse. Dress code for Islamist militants in the area, BBC adds, becomes more difficult to impose as the weather turns warmer, with summer heat reaching extremely high temperatures.

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The niqab is not Sunna. These jihadists are the dregs of the male gender obliterating the female, literally defacing her as if she were a stone statue, taking away her personality, taking away her very humanity.  This is not the sting of the glass ceiling, the snub of the good ole boy network.  This is true oppression.  This is the real war on women that progressives deny is happening.

“Woman in a Burka”


When you see a woman in your town wearing a burqa, does it make you feel invaded? If so, does that mean you are an intolerant racist? Does that mean you are a narrow-minded bigot?

Let me ask you another question: If you see a nun in your town wearing a nun’s habit, do you feel invaded? If you see a Tibetan Buddhist monk in your town wearing monk robes, do you feel invaded? If not, then “narrow-minded bigot” and “intolerant racist” must miss the mark. Something else is causing you to feel invaded when you see a woman in a burqa.

 charlotte nuns 2010

A burqa is a visible sign indicating that the wearer is following a particular ideology. If we see a Catholic nun in a Catholic nun habit, we can guess with a high degree of certainty what ideology she follows. If we see a Tibetan monk with a shaved head and a saffron robe, we can guess with a high degree of certainty what ideology he is following. If we see a man who has shaved his head and has a swastika tattooed on his neck, we can guess with a high degree of certainty what ideology he follows.

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Sudanese Woman Faces Whipping for Refusing to Cover Hair

Woman-with-Long-HairA Sudanese woman accused of “indecent” attire because she refused to cover her hair remains in legal limbo after a court appearance on Monday.

Amira Osman Hamid faces a possible whipping if convicted of violating Sudan’s laws governing morality, which took effect after the 1989 Islamist-backed coup by President Omar Al Bashir.

The defence asked in September that the charge be withdrawn but the prosecution is still weighing how to proceed, Amira and one of her lawyers said after Monday’s hearing in Jebel Aulia, just outside Khartoum.

The court is waiting for the prosecutor to either send the file back to court for additional hearings, or to quash the case, Amira said.

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A Muslima Refuses to Cover Hair (Spreading her Hair Rays around Promiscuously)

Hair_Rays_by_BuRyoolA woman in Sudan says she will risk being whipped if it means highlighting the violation of women’s rights.

Amira Osman Hamed will go on trial next week after she refused to cover her hair in accordance with Muslim tradition.

Dozens of Sudanese women say they have had enough of repressive laws.

They are fighting for their rights, and want to be acknowledged by government.

Hamed was arrested last month for not wearing the traditional Muslim headgear known as the hijab.

She was charged with wearing indecent clothing and is currently awaiting trial. If found guilty, she could be lashed.

But Hamed says she will not back down. “I’ll take a risk to tell what is happening in our country and I hope that will be the last time a Sudanese woman is arrested by this law.”

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Amira is among the avant garde in the West.  See the discussion here.

Sexually Abused Muslim Fights to Cover Her Face in Court

niqab-courtA Toronto woman is fighting for her right to wear a niqab – a veil worn by some Muslim women that covers the entire face except for the eyes – while she testifies in a sex abuse case.

The woman, known only as N.S., says the alleged sexual abuse occurred 15 years ago by family members including her uncle and another male relative.  Defence lawyers had argued that without seeing her face, they were not prepared to concede she was the victim.
The defence also argued that her demeanor could be “inhibited” by the veil, but the Crown said that’s an assumption.

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Saudi Women Allowed to Ride Bikes but with a Few Restrictions

Old fashioned bike

A Saudi newspaper says the kingdom’s religious police are now allowing women to ride motorbikes and bicycles but only in restricted, recreational areas.

The Al-Yawm daily on Monday cited an unnamed official from the powerful religious police as saying women can ride bikes in parks and recreational areas but they have to be accompanied by a male relative and dressed in the full Islamic head-to-toe abaya.

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Ah yes, there’s nothing like a little ride on the bike in your black polyester bag, accompanied by your brother.

Muslim Women in Sweden Bare their Breasts in Protest of Hijab

Illustration of Strong Woman Flexing MuscleTaking a page out of the book of the Ukrainian FEMEN movement, Iranian female activists bared their breasts in the streets of Stockholm in protest against the hijab headscarf that Islamic women must wear.
[ . . . ]

In the same style as the notorious FEMEN group, the women painted their bodies with slogans, including “My nudity is my protest” and “No to hijab” and they also displayed pictures from anti-Islamic demonstrations by FEMEN.

The topless images from the protest are displayed on FEMEN’S official website,  along with messages of support, with members of the “sextremist” movement expressing their confidence that “in the historical battle ‘woman v. Islam’ women will win!”

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Female University Students in Gaza Must Wear Burkas


Woman student in hijabThe Gaza Strip’s Al-Aqsa University recently advertised a sweeping order that beginning in the second semester, female students will be required to arrive in traditional Muslim garb, from head to toe, burka included.

Although the university is a public institution seemingly affiliated with the Palestinian Education Ministry in
Ralmallah, it is controlled by Hamas.

Many students have expressed indignation over this decision, claiming that it violates their public freedom.
[ . . . ]
On the flipside, some female students actually praised the decision. One of them noted that “this order is natural; all women must dress modestly. That is what the religion requires of us as well.”

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Actually, the musliminas are getting off easy with the burka decree.  If full Islamic sharia law was implemented, they would have to have a male family member travel with them to the university from their home.

Timbuktu Women Liberated from Jihadis by French

Map of MaliA leaflet listing the regulations for women under Islamist rule now lies in dirt here at the tribunal in Timbuktu. Rule No. 1: The veil should cover the entire body. Rule No. 4: The veil cannot be colored. And Rule No. 8: The woman should not perfume herself after putting on the all-enveloping fabric.

Several days after French special forces parachuted in and liberated this storied city, there is a growing sense of freedom. Though in the houses immediately facing the Islamic tribunal, many of the 8- and 9-year-old girls are still wearing the head covering.

“It is out of fear of the Islamists that they still wear this, says Diahara Adjanga, the mother of one girl said Thursday.”They hit everyone — even children.”

The Islamists seized control of Timbuktu and the other northern provincial capitals of Gao and Kidal last April. During the nearly 10 months of their rule, the al-Qaida-linked extremists imposed harsh regulations for women and publicly whipped those who went in public without veils.

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Baby Burkas Keep Sexual Molesters Away?

Baby in Burka in Saudi ArabiaIt’s no secret that, in Islam, if a man is tempted by a woman, it’s the woman’s fault. Hence, women must cover themselves in order to prevent men from being tempted.

Apparently, babies are now responsible for tempting child molesters. In order to prevent instances of molestation, Muslim parents in Saudi Arabia should cover their babies in burkas.

But whatever you do, don’t forget that the greatest threat to the world is Islamophobia.
[ . . . ]
A Saudi cleric has called for all female babies to be fully covered by wearing the face veil, commonly known as the burka, citing reports of little girls being sexually molested.

In a TV interview on the Islamic al-Majd TV, which seems to date back to mid-last year, Sheikh Abdullah Daoud, stressed that wearing the veil will protect baby girls. The Sheikh tried to back his assertion with claims of sexual molestation against babies in the kingdom, quoting unnamed medical and security sources.

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Female blogger, Laurie Roth has an answer to the temptation of the Muslim males:

If some Muslim males are so out of control that they want all women covered from head to foot to stop themselves from attacking and raping them…and now…cover baby girls to prevent raping them, it seems the rampant abuse, beatings, coverings, and surgical procedures [FGM]on Muslim women aren’t doing the trick. Such men seem to be pathologically out of sexual control.

Those Muslim men who lack basic sexual and moral control should be stopped. No more clitorectomies for women. No more burkas and veils for Muslim women.

It is time for castrations of Muslim males who pathologically abuse women sexually – whether it be their wives, daughters, or little baby girls. Why punish women for the sins of men?

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