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Egyptian Dr. Convicted of Performing Female Genital Mutilation on Girl Who Died

33-Bowers copyAn Egyptian appeals court on Monday convicted a doctor of manslaughter and performing female genital mutilation that led to the death of a 13-year-old girl, sentencing him to two years and three months in prison in the country’s first case that came to trial over the widespread practice, defense lawyers said.

The doctor, Raslan Fadl, was initially acquitted of the 2013 death of Sohair el-Batea in a village in the Nile Delta province of Dakahliya. He was not present in court Monday and his whereabouts were unknown.

Monday’s verdict was “a triumph for women,” said lawyer Reda el-Danbouki, who represented the deceased. Egypt has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation in the world and criminalized the practice in 2008, but it remains widespread.

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Pregnant Muslima Killed and Burned by Ex-Boyfriend

2309343612_e728c627a9-1 copy“Police are investigating the possible honor killing of a heavily pregnant 19-year-old woman in

Berlin, Germany. After the killing and burning of a 19-year-old pregnant woman in Berlin Köpenick, the police are investigating if one of the perpetrator’s Turkish family instigated the murder. The alleged killers were taken into custody over the…

New details have emerged about the brutal murder of a 19-year-old pregnant woman in Berlin Adlershof. “Her ex-boyfriend did not want to keep their child.” said the spokesman for the prosecutor, Martin Steltner, talking about the motive of the suspected killers.

Investigators do not rule out the possibility that the woman was killed to revenge dishonor brought upon the family (“honor killing”).

Maria P. was killed on Thursday in a forest in Berlin Adlershof. The young woman who was heavily pregnant, was stabbed two times in the abdomen. Then she was doused in gasoline and set on fire. She burned alive. Passers-by found her body Friday morning.

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Turkish Man Kills Wife after Birth of a Second Girl

turkey-electrocution-of-wife copyA man in southeastern Turkey has received an aggravated life sentence after electrocuting and killing his wife after she gave birth to a second girl, rather than a boy.

Veysi Turan, a 29-year-old waiter in Diyarbakır, killed his wife by attaching bare cable to her feet while she was asleep in January 2014, according to Anadolu Agency.

Mübarek Turan, 33, had given birth to the couple’s second daughter a day before her death, infuriating her husband who wanted a baby boy.

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Teen Forced to Marry Rapist Attacked with Razor and Beaten



A Moroccan teen forced into marrying her alleged rapist last year has been attacked with a razor blade and beaten by him for seeking a divorce, media reported Tuesday.

The 17-year-old only identified as Khaoula was attacked in Marrakech on Saturday after filing for divorce, the Tel Quel weekly said, citing the AMDH independent rights group.

She suffered multiple cuts which “disfigured” parts of her body and required about 40 stitches, the French-language weekly reported.

Al Aoula television quoted a doctor at Marrakech’s Ibn Tofail hospital, where she was treated, as saying that the teenager had been “struck in the face 50 times and had wounds on her hands and arms”.

“I swear that nobody will marry you after me,” Khaoula’s husband was reported to have said to her, according to several media outlets.

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FGM – Illegal in Egypt?

fgm08-640 copyA Health Ministry inspector testified Thursday in Egypt’s first-ever female genital mutilation (FGM) trial, saying a 13-year-old girl died after undergoing the procedure despite her doctor’s claims otherwise. FGM has been illegal in Egypt for six years, but activists say most Egyptian girls are still being circumcised, mostly in private clinics.

On an Egyptian talk show, women discussed female circumcision, also known as FGM. One woman said parents fear that if they don’t circumcise their girls for “purity” no one will marry them, or if they do, the new husband may force his bride to be circumcised on their wedding night.

But Suad Abu-Dayyeh, a Middle East and North Africa consultant for Equality Now says if a girl is circumcised she will never enjoy her sexual relationship with her husband, among other things.

“They might have infections, bleeding, pains, and also they will suffer all their lives,” she said.

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12 Year Old Christian Girl Raped by Muslims in Pakistan

christians-in-pakistan-gender-based-violence copyThe minority Christian community in Pakistan is said to be outraged following the rape of a 12-year-old Christian girl in Lahore by two Muslim men. Christian advocates have said Muslims often use sexual violence as a means of controlling the Christian population, especially women and girls.

“In Pakistan rape is used as an instrument of arbitrary power over Christian girls, who come from poor and marginalized families. It is a form of violence that wants to reiterate the submission to Muslims. The rest of society is not outraged because the victims mostly belong to religious minorities, who are the most vulnerable. Rarely rapists are punished,” Christian lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill told Fides News Agency.

“Furthermore, rape victims face terrible difficulties; they do not receive adequate medical treatment for sexual assault. Many girls are traumatized and become depressed and in need of psychological assistance,” Gill added.

The girl, who worked along with her three sisters as a maid in the homes of middle class Muslim families, was reportedly raped earlier this month. She had been returning home from work with her older sister when she was kidnapped by two Muslim men and three women, who forced her inside a school and carried out the attack. The men have been identified as Ashraf Alias Achi and Ghaffor Alias Paida.

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Detroit Islamic Leader Convicted of Raping 3 Girls

Detroit Islamic imam guilty of raping little girlsA Muslim leader convicted of raping three young girls in Detroit is to be sentenced Wednesday in a case that features a constitutional debate over whether women who wear an Islamic face veil should be allowed to testify with it on.

The case deals with two potentially conflicting freedoms protected under the U.S. Constitution — freedom of religion and the right of accusers to confront witnesses in court.

Mohammad Masroor, 51, was found guilty by a Wayne County jury on May 2 of 15 counts of criminal sexual conduct in 2000 against three female relatives, ages 10, 12, and 13 at the time of the assaults , , ,

Prosecutors said Masroor used his influence as a religious leader to take advantage of the girls while he was tutoring them in Islamic studies. Eight victims testified in the case, all of them relatives; he was acquitted last year in Canada of sexually assaulting five other relatives while he was imam of a mosque in Toronto.

Masroor exploited the conservative religious views of the girls to keep on abusing them, Khalil said. “He would say things to the victims like: ‘If it ever came out you weren’t a virgin … they would stone you or kill you. … Nobody in the world would believe you because of who I am.’”

Masroor escalated the attacks on his victims gradually over time, starting with “just touching them … to kissing on the cheeks, kissing on the lips; groping the breasts turned into fondling the private areas, and then full penetration,” Khalil said.

Masroor was seen as a trusted leader in the community because of his knowledge of Islam and its holy book, the Quran.

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This is too disgusting for words.  It’s what happens when women are seen as chattel, as sub-humans who are only born for men’s pleasure.  This is what happens when the originator of a “religion” marries a 6 year old girl and consummates the marriage when she’s nine.

Muslim Father Beats Daughter for Shaming Community

no-datingMuslim father slapped and beat his 14-year-old daughter for ‘shaming’ their community after he discovered she was having a secret affair with a white boy.

The 43-year-old flew into a rage after his shocked wife picked up the phone at their home in Blackburn, Lancashire, and overheard their child talking ‘in explicit terms’ about her relationship with the 15-year-old.

During an angry confrontation, the father told her: ‘You have no faith in God. I’m going to kill you before the community find out.

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Pakistani Cleric Tries to Molest 8-Year-Old Girl

Girl CryingA prayer leader was caught while allegedly attempting to molest a minor girl in Chaihr village of Mansehra on Thursday.

Villagers who caught the accused handed him to the police after thrashing him publicly. Police and eyewitness said eight-year-old Maryam was on her way to school when a prayer leader from the village mosque took the girl to the mosque after tempting her with sweets.

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Turkey’s Missing Children:  Many Are Made Sex Slaves

Sex trafficking on the riseMany of Turkey’s 3,249 missing children are now in the Far East, trapped as sex workers, the Lost Children Platform founder Yahya Durmaz said in an interview with daily Hurriyet. Durmaz, a businessman, founded the platform to find Turkey’s missing children, including around 2,800 girls, and reached out to thousands of volunteers in seven countries.

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