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What is it Like for Females in the Islamic State?


yazidi-woman-crying-afp copySlavery and rape are being used as “weapons of war” by Islamic State militants, reports The Guardian. More than 1,000 Yazidi women were captured by militants earlier this month with the younger women told they would be forcibly married to Islamic State fighters.

“Some are taken away and raped and a few have even been sold at Mosul’s main market,” reports the Daily Beast.

Some reports claimed that a group of Yazidi girls raped by Muslim fighters committed suicide shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile, women in Mosul have been told not to go outside unless necessary and to cover themselves up in full Islamic dress. In the Syrian Islamic State stronghold city of Raqqa, reports emerged that women were even banned from sitting on chairs.

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12 Year Old Bride Told Sharia Overrides Australian Law

Prophet-Muhammad-with-child-bride-aishaA child bride allegedly married off at 12 was told sharia law “overrides” Australian law, court documents revealed.

In a case that has brought awareness of secret child brides in Australia, the girl’s father and the 26-year-old man she “wed” were charged in February over numerous child sex offences.

Documents that formed part of a successful apprehended violence order application by police at the time against the girl’s “husband” state that the young girl “believed or had been informed that sharia law overrides the Australian law”.

“She stated that together with the accused they had been trying to get him registered as her legal guardian with Centrelink in order to obtain any welfare benefits they could,” the court documents state.

The police allege in the AVO document that the 26-year-old man, who was charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child, admitted to officers on the day he was arrested that he had had sex with the girl daily since the religious ceremony in the living room of the girl’s Hunter Valley home on January 12.

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Islamic sharia law does not mention a marriageable age for females.  But Mohammed, the perfect pattern of mankind, married Aisha when she was six years old and consummated the marriage when she was nine.  So in Islam according to the sunnah, a man is permitted to marry a female at the onset of her menses, no matter what her age.

Islamic Clerics Say Child Marriages Are Legal

Stop Child MarriageWhen police raided a marriage ceremony in Karachi on Wednesday (May 14) and found a 46-year-old groom about to marry his 14-year-old bride, the wedding didn’t come as a shock to most here in this conservative Muslim country — the raid did.

The bride told police her marriage had been consensual, police officials said. Her age was listed as 18 on the marriage certificate.

Marrying off girls as young as 10 is still a widespread practice in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere in Asia and Africa, despite the prohibition of child marriage in some existing national and provincial laws. Between 2000 and 2010, about 24.4 million women between the ages of 20 and 24 were married before the age of 18, according to a report by the United Nations Population Fund.

Now some lawmakers in Pakistan are hoping to end the practice by introducing harsher punishments for clerics, guardians and spouses involved in arranging child marriages across the country. The province of Sindh, whose capital is Karachi, outlawed the practice in late April — hence the raid.

The Child Marriage Restraint Bill 2014 introduced in the National Assembly in March proposes amending a 1929 law by making involvement in a child marriage a recognizable offense and creating stricter punishments, including two-year prison sentences or fines of up to $1,000.

Still, [Marvi]Memon and other bill supporters are facing stiff resistance from opponents to the bill, such as the Council of Islamic Ideology, a body charged with advising the government on Islamic law.

In March, the council ruled that laws related to the minimum age of marriage were against the teachings of the Quran and that children of any age could get married if they had reached puberty. They argue that the Prophet Muhammad took underage wives.

“Parliament should not legislate laws which are against the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah,” said Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani, the council’s chairman, referring to the Muslim holy book and oral traditions of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Pakistani Man Arrested for Buying 12 Year Old Girl

Poster about Pakistani child sexual abuseThe police on Tuesday night arrested a man who had allegedly ‘bought’ a girl from her brothers a year ago.

Model Town SP Tariq Aziz Sindhu told The Express Tribune that Mariam, youngest of seven siblings, lost her parents in a motorbike accident three years ago. She then started living with two of her brothers, Shamoon and Asif, in Bhai Pheru.

The SP said she was ‘sold off’ to a distant relative, Basheer Masih, for Rs40,000 a year ago.

He said Mariam ran away from Masih’s house in Youhanabad on Friday and went to her uncle Bhola Masih for help. He said her uncle brought her to the police.

Sindhu said the police found and arrested the man on Tuesday. He said he claimed he had married the girl at Model Town courts a year ago. He said the man could not furnish proof of the marriage.

“He is obviously lying as no court would allow him to marry a 12-year-old,” Sindhu said.

Sindhu said that the girl had accused the man and his 18-year-old nephew of sexually assaulting her.

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Child Marriages in Pakistan

Child bride in PakistanShe was barely 12 years old and a student of class-V. I still remember how innocent Shaista looked in her bridal dress,” said Sulaiman while talking about his marriage. He was 17 then, and the couple spent three years together. “She never asked for a single pair of clothes or shoes. She was too afraid to talk to me as I often beat her to teach her manners. Despite my best efforts, she remained stubborn.”

Sulaiman wanted her to be more diligent in getting his shoes polished and clothes pressed. He also wanted his wife to be flirtatious and smiling constantly. “One day I asked her to give me a glass of water and she retorted, ‘what for’? So, I divorced her, despite the fact that we had a beautiful baby boy,” he explained.

Sulaiman, a resident of Akhorwal area of Darra Adam Khel, then married another girl who was 16 years old and was what he calls a ‘better wife’.

Thus, the cycle of child marriages continues in the country.

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Mohammed married his second wife Aisha when she was 6 years old and consummated the marriage when she was 9.  Mohammed is the example of the perfect man and the pattern for all Muslim men to follow. For an in-depth look at pedophilia and child marriages in Islam, read this.

8-Year-Old Girl Married to 26-Year-Old Man to Settle Dispute

Child bride in AfghanistanA local jirga in Shamali area of Battagram [Afghanistan] has decided to marry off an eight-year-old girl to a 26-year-old man to settle a dispute between two families.

Local sources said that the jirga was held last week to settle a dispute, which was result of the second marriage of the father of the minor girl. They said that father of the minor girl eloped with a married woman few years ago.

The custom of handing over women to rival party for settling a dispute is called vani in the area. The practice is still common in remote parts of upper Hazara.

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This is typical behavior in the ignorant tribal honor/shame culture of Afghanistan.  This is the same culture that spawned Islam and sharia law.  And since the doctrine and laws can not be changed or modernized, this primitive behavior will always belong to the ummah, the believers in Islam, no matter what country they colonize, whether it’s Afghanistan or America.  Don’t think that just because Islam has come to the West, that it will modernize and will accept our culture and laws. Islam is a theocracy whose ideology and politics trump ours, for it is from Allah and is divine and ours is from filthy kafirs.

Iraq Set to Legalize Marriage for Nine Year Old Girls

Islam PedophiliaIn a controversial move, the Iraqi parliament is set to legalize the age of marriage for girls as young as 9 years old and prohibits the marriage of non-Muslim women unless it is temporary.

[ . . . ]

The Civilized Debate, an organization that defends the civil and human rights of Iraqis through debates reported on its  website that there were 6 deaths and 200 cases of divorces of young girls who were married off as minors last year.

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It seems the Shia influence in Iraq is pulling the country toward the Iranian model of a totally sharia compliant government.  I feel so sorry for the Iraqi women.



Pedophilia in Afghanistan

Child brideA new report on human rights in Afghanistan released by the U.S. State Department reveals that girls as young as six can be “married” away or betrothed and are the victims of frequent sexual abuse from older men, sometimes within their own families.

Although the Taliban have a reputation for religious conservatism, that conservatism does nothing to protect women and girls from the sexual depredations of men. Women and girls are commonly victimized and those that speak out are likely to be blamed themselves, regardless of age differences.

[ . . . ]

The Taliban argue that restricting child marriages is “un-Islamic.” In their culture, it is perfectly acceptable to marry children or to promise them in marriage. Traditionally a girl may be betrothed, but the marriages are supposed to be delayed until puberty. However, this is not always respected. Also, early onset of puberty can occur in some girls, sometimes as young as eight.

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Sharia Law for Iraqi Women Proposed

Operation Iraqi FreedomIf you think the Iraqi government has reached its limit in violating women’s rights, think again. On 25 February, the Iraqi council of ministers approved a new personal status law called Ja’fari law, named after the sixth Shi’ite imam Ja’afar al-Sadiq, who founded his own school of jurisprudence (Shi’ite). It was submitted to parliament for a vote.

The bill “sets the legal age of marriage for females as nine and males as 15, although it could be even lower with the consent of a guardian, father or a grandfather.

Article 104 permits unconditional polygamy.

Article 101 says men have the right to “enjoy” sex with their wives any time they want, and wives cannot leave their marital home without their husband’s permission.

Article 126 says husbands are not required to pay financial support when their wife is either a minor or a senior and hence unable to sexually satisfy them.

Article 63 prevents Muslim males from permanently marrying non-Muslim females, which means a Shi’ite Muslim male is allowed to marry non-Muslim females temporarily in what is called mut’a marriage. Mut’a is when a man who wants to have sex with a woman “marries” her in the presence of a religious figure, who acts as a mut’a broker. The man will specify how long the marriage will last, ranging from a few hours to many years.

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This is none other than Islamic sharia law with a Shia flavor. This is what American soldiers fought and lost their lives for?  How sad.

Pakistanis for Child Brides and Polygamy

Muslim man and four wivesThe Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Tuesday ruled that Pakistani laws prohibiting marriage of underage children are un-Islamic.

At the end of its two-day session on Tuesday, the CII said that according to Islam there is no minimum age of marriage. Islam does not forbid marriage of young children, the council said. However, the rukhsati (consummation of marriage) is allowed only in the case that both husband and wife have reached puberty.

The CII’s ruling comes a day after its chairman, Maulana Muhammad Khan Sheerani said laws regarding second marriage of a man in the presence of the first wife were against religious principles.

“Sharia allows men to have more than one wife and we demand that the government should amend the law,” he told reporters after a CII meeting.

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The Council knows its Islamic religious doctrine and law. Will the Pakistani government cave?