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Gaza Imams Say Honor Killings Are Necessary

gaza-imamsA rise in the number and frequency of “honor killings” in this coastal territory has political and religious leaders wondering how many more young women must be killed by their families before the desired level of honor is attained.

Over the last three years the number of such killings has increased sharply, doubling twice since 2011.

Local Imams and Hamas officials say that the killings are necessary to preserve the honor of a girl’s family when she enters a relationship that might or might not be romantic, but has definitely not been approved by the other males in her life, because a girl cannot be trusted to make her own decisions.

A girl or woman who defies the will of those male relatives shames the family, and the honor of the family can then only be maintained when one or more of those males kills the woman.

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And this is the land that Medea Benjamin and Code Pink women defend!  Shame, shame on them.

Palestinian Honor Killings

Palestinian-saying-Identity-is-to-attack-womenGaza police have arrested family members over the deaths of two Palestinian teenage girls, one of them the victim of a suspected “honor” killing, Hamas authorities said Monday.

Authorities caught relatives of one of the girls as they were trying to bury her in a cemetery near Jabaliya, north of Gaza City, on Thursday, police spokesman Ayyub Abu Shaar told AFP. The girl’s father had “beat her days before her death”, Abu Shaar said.

The Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) said a post-mortem showed signs of “torture” all over the girl’s body as well as signs of untreated gangrene from years of physical abuse. The rights watchdog said the girl was 17.
Police also discovered the body of another girl in the southern Gaza district of Khan Yunis in what could be an “honor” crime, Abu Shaar said.

“Her brother killed her, and the case is still being investigated. The murder weapon has been found,” he said, without elaborating.
PCHR said the girl was 18 and had fatal knife wounds to the neck.

The group called for a “thorough investigation” into the suspected murders and to “bring the perpetrators to justice”.
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There has been a 100% rise in honor killings in ‘Palestine’ in the past year.

According to a senior official in the PA Ministry of Women’s Affairs, there has been a 100% rise in the number of Palestinian women murdered in the name of “family honor.” The official also complained that PA leader Abbas has not fulfilled his pledge to change PA law, which currently protects the murderers of women who were killed because of so-called “family honor . . . “

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No matter what Abbas says or Hamas says or the PA says, or the police say, honor killings will continue due to the misogynistic Islamic culture and belief system which says that women are inferior. See the Koran, Sura 4:34 (Men are superior to women who must obey them) and the Sunna, Bukhari 1, 6, 30 (Women are inferior to men because they are “lacking in intelligence’).

Violence Against Women on Rise in Gaza

Protest against wife abuse.

“Ibtissam,” a 27-year-old woman from the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, asked for a number of guarantees before beginning to talk, among them that her real name not be used and that her story not be relayed to organizations assisting battered women. Despite attempts to reassure her when she met with Al-Monitor in public, she kept looking behind her for fear that her husband or one of his relatives might see her.
[ . . . ]
Ibtissam is not the only battered wife in Gaza. Some 37% of married women in the Palestinian territories have been subjected to domestic violence by their husbands. Of these, 51% live in Gaza according to a 2012 study by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. Speaking in hushed tones for fear that passersby might hear, Ibtissam recounted her story.

“My husband did not like what I cooked for dinner, so he punched me in the face, injuring my eye. I often get severely beaten for trivial reasons. I am cruelly insulted, but cannot find anyone to listen to my plight or help me overcome my predicament.”

“No one cares about me, and this increased the frequency of my husband’s physical assaults and verbal insults. He even allows his mother and sisters to hit me during familial disagreements.”
[ . . . ]
The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution has recorded more than 400 cases of severe acts of violence against women. These include 16 murders during the past year in the Palestinian territories, a fact disclosed at the center’s Aug. 27 symposium, “The Role of the Media in Cases When Women Are Murdered.”

The frequency of these attacks is increasing because women prefer to remain silent. About 66% of battered women chose to remain quiet, while 37.7% of them leave their husbands and flee to their families. Only 0.7% approach women’s centers, according to the Bureau of Statistics study.

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What kind of logic is it that says that the frequency of attacks increases because women don’t say anything?  It increases when the government adheres to Islamic law.

Also do the women prefer to remain silent or do they remain silent because they have no legal recourse due to the sharia law legalizing wife-beating?  This Islamic report deceives by ‘omission’ of the truth.

Segregation by Gender in Gaza Schools

Muslim Girls in SchoolA new Gaza law mandating separate classrooms for boys and girls from age nine is another worrisome sign that the territory’s Islamic militant Hamas rulers are gradually imposing their fundamentalist practices, the head of a Gaza women’s group warned Tuesday.

Since seizing Gaza in 2007, Hamas has issued a series of rules restricting women or requiring them to cover up in the traditional Islamic dress of long robes and headscarves. There have also been bans on women smoking water pipes in public, riding on the backs of motorcycles or getting their hair done by male stylists.

The Gaza rules appear harsh compared to Western practice but are not unusual in parts of the Arab and Muslim world.

If faced with public resistance, Hamas tends to refrain from enforcing the rules. In 2009, after women protested, it scrapped a decree requiring female lawyers to wear headscarves in court.

On Monday, Gaza’s Hamas-run parliament issued the new education law that requires gender segregation from age nine and also bars male teachers from teaching girls.

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The Palestinian Mother of Martyrs

Um Nidal in front of pictures of sonsAbbas Zaki, Member of Fatah Central Committee, recently spoke about the death of Hamas MP Um Nidal (Mariam Farahat), referring to her “journey of giving, overflowing with struggle and sacrifice.” PA MP Mustafa Al-Barghouti expressed similar awe for Um Nidal “giving her three heroic sons… for Palestine and for the freedom of the Palestinian people.”

Um Nidal was the mother of two other “Martyrs,” as well, all members of Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades. One of the sons, Nidal, invented the Qassam rocket and was killed when explosives he was preparing detonated. The third son, Rawwad, was killed together with three other Hamas terrorists by Israel.

Read the rest of the PalWatch blog and see the video of Um Nidal (who says that her son’s death was the best day of her life).   (h/t FrontpageMag)

I wrote a poem for Um Nidal.


The Palestinian Mother of Martyrs

I am a machine, a mujahadin machine

I make babies who grow up to kill the infidel.

For this, I am taken care of, my family too, it is what we do in Islam.
For this, I have honor and esteem. I am a machine, a muhajadin machine.

Female University Students in Gaza Must Wear Burkas


Woman student in hijabThe Gaza Strip’s Al-Aqsa University recently advertised a sweeping order that beginning in the second semester, female students will be required to arrive in traditional Muslim garb, from head to toe, burka included.

Although the university is a public institution seemingly affiliated with the Palestinian Education Ministry in
Ralmallah, it is controlled by Hamas.

Many students have expressed indignation over this decision, claiming that it violates their public freedom.
[ . . . ]
On the flipside, some female students actually praised the decision. One of them noted that “this order is natural; all women must dress modestly. That is what the religion requires of us as well.”

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Actually, the musliminas are getting off easy with the burka decree.  If full Islamic sharia law was implemented, they would have to have a male family member travel with them to the university from their home.