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Husband Stones Wife to Death for Not Quitting Her Job

Muslim women workingA 30-year-old woman was bricked to death by her husband in the Sundar area on Tuesday. 

The victim was identified as Bushra, wife of Javed alias Lara, a resident of Ali Hussainabad Loharanwala Kho, Sundar.

The police said accused Javed used to pressurise his wife, who worked in a local factory, to quit her job but she did not do so.

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According to Islamic doctrine, women have the right to work.  BUT, the work must be suitable and the husband has the right  to make his wife quit her job.  The wife is totally subservient to the husband and must obey him in all matters.

Pakistani Sisters Murdered for Dancing in the Rain

pakistani-girls-murdered-for-dancing-in-rainTwo teenage sisters have been shot dead in Pakistan for allegedly dancing in the rain.

Sisters Noor Basra, 15, Noor Sheza, 16, and their mother, Noshehra, were shot dead by five gunmen after a video of the two girls enjoying the rain shower in traditional dress spread throughout their conservative northern town.

The sisters’ stepbrother is now being blamed for ordering their deaths on June 23 in an effort to restore the family’s “honor” six months after the video surfaced.

That 22-year-old stepbrother, Khutore, has since been arrested for carrying out the attack according to police

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The playing of music, singing and dancing in Islam are disputed.  Some Islamic religious scholars say they are permitted (halal) but only in certain settings, like festivals and at weddings.  Others say participation must be gender-separate. These activities are not considered arts, but entertainment. Read for yourself what the Muslims say here,  here, here  and here.

The dancing-for-sheer-joy that the sisters were doing is haram (not-permitted) since it was an expression of their own emotions and was not for an Islamic event.  Since it could be seen by men on a video, the girls dishonored their family.  Watch the video.  They are lovely young women who dance exquisitely and have the exuberance of youth.  Now they are dead.

Children Forced To Watch Gruesome Honor Killing

Victims of Honor Killing in PakistanNew information on the horrific deaths of a newlywed couple by the bride’s immediate family have emerged today. Children were forced to watch as the bride’s mother, father, grandfather and uncles, slit the newlywed’s throats and let them bleed to death in this honor killing according to the National Post on June 29.

This was considered a lesson not to marry against your parents’’ wishes to the girls in this Pakistan village where the grisly murders took place. This newlywed couple fell in love and married for love, but the bride’s family was dead against this union.

Media outlets, like CNN  originally reported that the newlyweds were beheaded, but their throats were slit and they bled to death in front of a crowd. At one point someone in the crowd said the children should be sent away but the bride’s father told them to stay and watch the killings. The father said that “they should learn what would happen to them if they married someone of their own choice.”

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Honor Killing and Violence in Pakistan

Hand holds a bloody knifeBrothers of a woman, who married for love without the consent of her family, shot and stabbed to death her husband and left her injured in an attack on their house in Latifabad Unit No12 on Sunday, said police.

A-Section police station SHO Sikandar Bhatti said that Nabeel, 25, and Samina Rani Rao, 22, daughter of Idrees, who were neighbours married in court on Feb 4 without the consent of the girl’s family and fled to Karachi after the wedlock for fear of the family’s backlash. They had been in hiding since the marriage.

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4 Muslim Men Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail for Raping 7 Year Old Girl

Man's hand covering mouth of child he is abductingThe day after Palm Sunday, on the outskirts of the city of Sailkot in Pakistan, 7-year-old Sara Masih, the daughter of a poor Christian family, headed to a corner store a few blocks from her home to buy some chips and chocolate. Sara is the darling of her church’s children’s ministry, according to a family friend, “just a little angel.”

On her way out, a young man stopped her and at first offered her gifts to come with him, but then grabbed her and hustled her to an abandoned apartment building nearby. Three other men went in with him.

A neighbor, a Muslim woman, noticed the group entering the building and again as they left a few hours later—without Sara. She went over and found the child in an empty room, unresponsive, bloody, and with a broken leg. She found Sara’s parents, who took the girl to a hospital. She bled for days, and doctors confirmed that she had been repeatedly raped.

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It’s good to know that these disgusting low-life pedophiless are going to jail, but is justice really served here?

Pakistani Man Chops off Wife’s Nose

Demonstration in PakistanA policeman, charged by his teenage wife of chopping off her nose and keeping her in wrongful confinement for many days, was arrested by police and sent to prison by a local magistrate on Sunday.

Shahida, a victim of child marriage, claimed that she was only seven when she was married to the suspect, Sahibzada, a constable of special police. She alleged that her husband used to torture her on different pretexts.

The 17-year-old mother a child managed to escape from the residence of her husband at Manja area in Kabal tehsil in injured condition on Thursday.

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Honor Killing Survivor Fears for Her Life

Survivor of honor violence in Pakistan after being shot twice by her own familyA Pakistani woman who survived an attack by relatives who tried to kill her for marrying for love told Reuters on Friday that she feared for her life and appealed for protection.

Saba Maqsood, 18, survived being shot and thrown in a canal by her family on Thursday, weeks after the “honor killing” of another woman in Pakistan drew worldwide condemnation.

Maqsood angered her family by marrying the man of her choice a few days ago in the Punjabi city of Gujranwala – an act of defiance in a conservative part of Pakistan where women are expected to agree to arranged marriages.

“Even though police provided me with security, I fear that my family will try to kill me and my husband,” Maqsood, still weak after being shot twice in the cheek and right hand, told Reuters by telephone from her hospital bed.

“I appeal to the chief minister and authorities to take serious notice of this attack on me and take necessary action for our security.”

Police said Maqsood was attacked and shot by her father, uncle, brother and aunt, and thrown into the waterway in the city of Hafizabad in Punjab province on Thursday.

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Pakistani Men Force Girls from School

Girls sitting in school in PakistanOver the past few weeks, girls and their supporters have been holding protests in remote areas of Pakistan’s troubled Balochistan province, where dozens of schools have been forced to close due to threats from extremists.

Threatening girls to stop them from going to school is nothing new in Pakistan – Malala Yousafzai’s case is just the most infamous example – but it now seems to be spreading to parts of the country that had previously been spared.

Two weeks ago, all private schools in Balochistan’s districts of Panjgur and Turbat were forced to close after being threatened by a hitherto unknown group called “Tenzeem Islami Al-Furqan” (“the Organisation of Islam for the Koran”). These shadowy extremists, much like the Taliban or Boko Haram in Nigeria, say they are against “Western education” for girls.

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Pregnant Woman Stoned to Death for Marrying the Man She Loved

Woman in Pakistan stoned to death by own family for marrying man she loved.Where marriages are usually arranged, 25-year-old Farzana Parveen, a resident of Faisalabad in Pakistan, was stoned to death on Tuesday by her family for marrying the man she loved and who she had been engaged for years.

According to police investigator Rana Mujahid, the stoning took place in front of the high court of Lahore, where the couple went to defend the allegation from her family that she was kidnapped a few months ago when she left the region to marry her husband Mohammad Iqbal of Jaranwala.

When Parveen tried to record the statement at the courthouse in Lahore against kidnapping allegations from her family, the family members were seen firing shots into the air and trying to grab her away from Iqbal.

Police official Naseem Butt said that at least 20 members of Parveen’s family, including her father and brothers, were seen attacking the couple by throwing bricks and hitting them with sticks as a crowd of people looked on.

Parveen, who was three-months pregnant, died. Iqbal managed to escape. News International reported police arrested Parveen’s father; her brothers escaped.

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Islamic Clerics Say Child Marriages Are Legal

Stop Child MarriageWhen police raided a marriage ceremony in Karachi on Wednesday (May 14) and found a 46-year-old groom about to marry his 14-year-old bride, the wedding didn’t come as a shock to most here in this conservative Muslim country — the raid did.

The bride told police her marriage had been consensual, police officials said. Her age was listed as 18 on the marriage certificate.

Marrying off girls as young as 10 is still a widespread practice in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere in Asia and Africa, despite the prohibition of child marriage in some existing national and provincial laws. Between 2000 and 2010, about 24.4 million women between the ages of 20 and 24 were married before the age of 18, according to a report by the United Nations Population Fund.

Now some lawmakers in Pakistan are hoping to end the practice by introducing harsher punishments for clerics, guardians and spouses involved in arranging child marriages across the country. The province of Sindh, whose capital is Karachi, outlawed the practice in late April — hence the raid.

The Child Marriage Restraint Bill 2014 introduced in the National Assembly in March proposes amending a 1929 law by making involvement in a child marriage a recognizable offense and creating stricter punishments, including two-year prison sentences or fines of up to $1,000.

Still, [Marvi]Memon and other bill supporters are facing stiff resistance from opponents to the bill, such as the Council of Islamic Ideology, a body charged with advising the government on Islamic law.

In March, the council ruled that laws related to the minimum age of marriage were against the teachings of the Quran and that children of any age could get married if they had reached puberty. They argue that the Prophet Muhammad took underage wives.

“Parliament should not legislate laws which are against the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah,” said Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani, the council’s chairman, referring to the Muslim holy book and oral traditions of the Prophet Muhammad.

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