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Muslim Sexual Predator Has Suspended Sentence Reviewed

Muslim Sex Abuser in UKThe suspended sentence handed to a Koran teacher who sexually abused an 11-year-old girl will be reviewed by the Attorney General after protests from Muslim women’s groups.

Suleman Maknojioa from Blackburn was given a 40-week suspended sentence for abusing the girl, after his defence argued that his wife couldn’t speak English and the household was dependent on him.

But that decision will now be looked at again after dozens of people complained to the Attorney General’s office. The Crown Prosecution Service could then send the case to the court of appeal to be reconsidered.

The abuse took place over a nine-month period when Maknojioa, a respected Islamic scholar, was giving the victim and her two brothers Koran lessons at their home three times a week.

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It’s hard to believe that this creep who sexually abused an eleven year old girl was given a suspended sentence.  Have the members of the British legal system lost their minds? Thank goodness there was enough of an outcry from the Muslim Women’s Network UK   to have the case reconsidered.

Muslim Man in Britain Murders Wife After She Threatens Divorce

Muslim Man Murdered British Wife Who Wanted a Divorce

Farhad Safi allegedly killed his wife who wanted a divorceA failed asylum seeker murdered his wife after she threatened a divorce that might have forced him to leave the UK, a court heard.

Farhad Sarfi, 23, an Afghan national, appeared at the Old Bailey today charged with stabbing wife Orina Morawiec, 21, multiple times in the neck and chest.

Morawiec was found dead in the flat that the couple shared in Eastdown Park, Lee, on 21 August last year after her mother reported her missing. Police also found a bloody knife in the kitchen sink, bloodstains in the bathroom and Sarfi’s discarded clothes.

[ . . . ]

Prosecutor Zoe Johnson QC said that the relationship disintegrated when they argued about her wearing make-up and Muslim dress and Morawiec was forced to see her friends in secret.

By the time of the murder, Morawiec had been seeking a divorce. Johnson told the jury: “If Orina had divorced the defendant he would have to leave this country or apply in his own right for leave to remain. The prosecution suggest this may be a reason why the defendant became angry with his wife and killed her.”

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Animals Who Eat Their Own

Banner calling for Sharia in UK edited to call for "Islamic Pedophilia" in the UK.A father and his schoolboy son were among a group of men who raped a teenage girl in an ordeal which lasted six hours.

The victim was abused at a property in Birmingham by 30 Asian men, who arrived in groups. The youngest attacker was wearing his school uniform when he raped the Asian girl.

The incident was exposed by the Muslim Women’s Network UK to illustrate how vulnerable Asian girls, as well as white girls, are victims of paedophile gangs.

Coverage of Asian sex rings has generally focused on their targeting of white girls, such as the cases in Oxford and Rochdale. But Asian girls are also being targeted by paedophiles, the new report warns.

Crimes are often covered up because of fears the victim’s family would be shamed if the truth were revealed.

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Muslim Rapes in the UK Update

A gang of Eastern Europeans were yesterday found guilty of subjecting girls as young as 12 to horrific sexual abuse.

Two adults and three boys were convicted of rape and sexual assault in what prosecutors described as one of the worst cases they had ever seen.

A court heard how the group, of Czech, Slovak and Kurdish origin, groomed five vulnerable girls between 12 and 14 and then abused them in a range of locations, including near a playground, in 2012.

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A blackmailing engineer raped a woman before pocketing her life savings after threatening to hand out X-rated posters of her in lingerie advertising her as a PROSTITUTE, a court heard.

Daood Hussain, 28, is accused of forcing his victim to meet for regular sex sessions at hotels and in his car where she was made to hand over more than  £10,000 in cash.

If she failed to pay Hussain told her he would print out images he made on his computer of her wearing underwear and show them to her strict Muslim family, jurors were told.

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Islamic Gender Segregation in a British University

Segregation 1.jpg

With women obliged to sit yards behind chairs reserved exclusively for men, the photograph above shows the shocking reality of gender segregation at a British university.

It was taken earlier this year at a training course at Leicester University organised by its Islamic Society. The course was entitled Call Of Duty and it featured a guest speaker from a hardline Islamic group.

Rupert Sutton of campaign group Student Rights, which monitors campus extremism, said: ‘The obvious discrimination in this picture is what segregated seating can mean in practice – women pushed to the back of the hall, while men are given the best seats to see and hear the speaker.’

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British Doctor Accused of Performing FGM

fgm-uk-casesA doctor will go before medical watchdogs today accused of carrying out female genital mutilation on a patient.

Dr Sureshkumar Vallabhdas Pandya, who practises in London, is said to have undertook the procedure, sometimes called female circumcision, which has been outlawed in the UK for the past 28 years.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is carried out for cultural, religious and social reasons and some traditions believe it will reduce a woman’s libido and discourage sexual activity before marriage.

[ . . . ]

No one has ever been prosecuted for FGM in the UK. 

Dr Pandya, who will go before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service sitting in Manchester later today, is also alleged to have provided inadequate pre and post operative care and his advice to the patient was misleading and dishonest.

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Is FGM Really a Crime in Britain?

Implements for female genital mutilation
A major inquiry has been launched into female genital mutilation to ‘get to the truth’ about why no-one has been convicted three decades after it was made illegal.

Parliament’s powerful Home Affairs Select Committee is to challenge ministers and the police over why charges have never been brought against ‘cutters’ or families who arrange the surgery.

Prosecutors claim they are close to bringing the first FGM court case since the law was changed in 1985.

NHS staff, teachers and social workers will also be grilled in Parliament about what more they could do to curb the practice.

Committee chairman Keith Vaz said: ‘It is astonishing that since FGM was made a crime in 1985 nobody has been prosecuted.

‘This is a concern both to the diaspora communities and also the NHS and it is important that light is cast on this practice and action is taken,’ he told the Evening Standard.

‘That is why this committee is launching an inquiry into FGM. We are keen to hear from any victims and those who have been affected by this practice.’

‘I am keen to hear from people about their experiences and the committee is prepared to take evidence from anyone so that we can get to the truth.’

The committee’s call for evidence will ask for information about how widespread FGM is and what more could be done to stop it.

Last month FGM campaigner Leyla Hussein was left in tears after an experiment intended to assess the impact of political correctness on the fight against cutting saw 19 people sign a fake pro-FGM petition within 30 minutes.

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Three Domestic Slaves Found in London House

muslim slavery in the UKA woman who was born into captivity and allowed no contact with the outside world is one of three ‘slaves’ who have been rescued after being kept against their will in a south London house for 30 years, the police revealed on Thursday.

A man and a woman, both aged 67, have been arrested after officers from Scotland Yard were alerted to the plight of the three women last month.

Detectives from the human trafficking unit said was the worst case of modern slavery they had ever come across in Britain.

The youngest of the alleged victims, who is now 30, is thought to have spent her entire life in servitude and is thought to have been born in captivity.

The woman, who police said had no normal contact with the outside world, was rescued alongside a 57-year-old Irish woman and a 69-year-old from Malaysia. Their alleged captors are not British, the police confirmed, but provided no further details about their nationality.

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Slavery is considered part of Allah’s divine sharia law.  Just ask the Saudis.

Banaz: A Kurdish Honor Killing in Britain

Banaz-MahmodBorn in 1985, Banaz Mahmod was a Kurdish Muslim whose parents, having been granted asylum by the U.K., took her from Saddam’s Iraq to a pleasant-looking neighborhood in London. 

The usual “cultural clash” resulted. In 2002, when Banaz’s older sister, Bekhal, started acting like an ordinary English girl, her brother lured her to a remote location and tried to strangle her to death. When she freed herself with a good kick and challenged him – saying, “Look what you’re doing, you’re trying to kill me!” – he “started to cry like a woman” and explained that their father had put him up to it. Bekhal, taking the hint, cleared out, cutting off all ties to her family and community.

Banaz wasn’t so lucky. At age seventeen, her parents married her off to an illiterate chap, Ali, who was “literally just off the plane from Iraq” and whom she’d only met once. From the beginning, he routinely beat and raped her.

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If you want to understand the tribal Honor/Shame culture concept and learn more of Banaz’ story, watch the documentary here.

Muslim Father Murders Wife, Burns Home in Honor Killing

INAYAT_2718794bA father who killed his wife after he set fire to his family home in a bid to stop his daughter marrying a man he disapproved of was found guilty of murder today.

Mohammed Riaz Inayat, 56, flew into a rage when his daughter, Kalsoom Bibi, told him she planned to move to Dubai to marry a policeman.

He said she had brought ‘dishonour on the family’ before pouring gallons of petrol over his family home and setting it alight.

On the night of April 17 Inayat killed his wife Naika and injured his three daughters in a blaze that took seconds to engulf the house.

Naika died of carbon monoxide poisoning and one of his daughters, 16-year-old Saimah, who jumped from a bedroom window, suffered 50 per cent burns.

He was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court of murdering his wife and arson but was cleared of attempted murder of his three daughters.

During his trial the court heard how the father-of-six soaked seven parts of his home in petrol at about 5am as his family slept – only hours before Miss Bibi, 28, was set to fly to Dubai to marry the CID officer.

After initially telling police the fire was started by ‘a gang led by a white middle-aged woman’, he admitted one count of manslaughter.

Philip Bennett QC, prosecuting, told the court: ‘For this defendant a love marriage was not appropriate.

‘He was traditional in his beliefs that marriage should be arranged.’

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