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Muslim in Ireland Receives 15 Years in Prison for Attempted Honor Killing

Poster showing Honor Killing victimsIreland – A 44-year-old Algerian man who attempted to murder his wife by bludgeoning her in the head with a kettle bell has been sentenced to 15 years in prison with three suspended. 

Lounes Ouachek of St Dominic’s Terrace, Tallaght pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to the attempted murder of Ruta Ouachek (35) at that address on August 23, 2012.

The court was told that the couple’s marriage broke down after he lost his job and Ms Ouachek had commenced an engineering degree.

Ouachek who was a “devout muslim” “was unhappy about the path she was going on,” the court heard.

Mr Justice Paul Carney noted that when Ms Ouachek returned to full-time education “the accused appears to have resented her independence in this regard.”

He described the crime as “callous and brutal in nature” and noted that he fled the scene.

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Honor Killing for the 10 Year Old Afghan Girl Raped by Mullah?

little Afghan girlA 10-year-old Afghan girl raped by a 45-year-old mullah could become the victim of an honor killing if her family were to cave under pressure by village elders.

The New York Times  reported Saturday the head of a women’s shelter, where the girl from the village of Alti Gumbad took refuge, received death threats for protecting the child. The girl was taken to the Women for Afghan Women  shelter this month after her family threatened an honor killing. Police returned her to her family Tuesday.

The rape was so brutal, the girl suffered a break in the wall between the vagina and rectum, an official indictment said. She nearly died because treatment was delayed, the Times said.

The mullah claimed the girl was not 10 but 17 and offered to marry her. However, hospital records indicate the child weighed just 40 pounds and had yet to start menstruating. Her mother said she was only 10.

The girl’s father reportedly is under pressure from villagers to kill her because “she had brought shame to them,” said Nederah Geyah, the former head of the women’s-affairs office in Kunduz. Geyah was forced to resign and move to another part of Afghanistan because she fought to protect the girl.

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Husband Stones Wife to Death for Not Quitting Her Job

Muslim women workingA 30-year-old woman was bricked to death by her husband in the Sundar area on Tuesday. 

The victim was identified as Bushra, wife of Javed alias Lara, a resident of Ali Hussainabad Loharanwala Kho, Sundar.

The police said accused Javed used to pressurise his wife, who worked in a local factory, to quit her job but she did not do so.

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According to Islamic doctrine, women have the right to work.  BUT, the work must be suitable and the husband has the right  to make his wife quit her job.  The wife is totally subservient to the husband and must obey him in all matters.

Honor Killing and Violence in Pakistan

Hand holds a bloody knifeBrothers of a woman, who married for love without the consent of her family, shot and stabbed to death her husband and left her injured in an attack on their house in Latifabad Unit No12 on Sunday, said police.

A-Section police station SHO Sikandar Bhatti said that Nabeel, 25, and Samina Rani Rao, 22, daughter of Idrees, who were neighbours married in court on Feb 4 without the consent of the girl’s family and fled to Karachi after the wedlock for fear of the family’s backlash. They had been in hiding since the marriage.

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Pakistani Man Chops off Wife’s Nose

Demonstration in PakistanA policeman, charged by his teenage wife of chopping off her nose and keeping her in wrongful confinement for many days, was arrested by police and sent to prison by a local magistrate on Sunday.

Shahida, a victim of child marriage, claimed that she was only seven when she was married to the suspect, Sahibzada, a constable of special police. She alleged that her husband used to torture her on different pretexts.

The 17-year-old mother a child managed to escape from the residence of her husband at Manja area in Kabal tehsil in injured condition on Thursday.

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Dishonor in Pakistan

women-in-pakistanMurder . . .

A prayer leader allegedly gunned down his daughter in the name of honour on Sunday morning.

Villagers said Maulana Taoos of Balyani village in Kandar tehsil suspected his daughter, 17-year-old Zubaida, of having an affair with a relative in Karachi.

On Saturday night, he reportedly subjected her to severe torture, forcing her to confess. After Fajr prayers on Sunday, the maulana shot her dead with an AK-47. Zubaida was later buried by villagers.

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A man killed his wife in Badami Bagh on Thursday for not allowing him to marry another woman, police said.

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Acid Attacks . . .

Two women were attacked with acid in separate incidents on Wednesday.

Police said Saima Bibi, a resident of New Garden Town, had exchanged angry words with her husband over a domestic matter. Her husband and his brother then attacked her with acid..

[ . . . ]

A 17-year-old was attacked with acid allegedly during a rape attempt. Police have arrested one of the suspects.

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Arizona: Man Says It’s an Islamic Right to Kill his Wife

Ansar Muhammad Says Islam Allows Him to Kill WifeA man who allegedly told his wife his “Islamic belief” gave him the right to kill her is behind bars after he punched and tried to strangle her inside his vehicle, according to a court document.

Ansar Muhammad, 43, was arrested at the couple’s home in Avondale Saturday morning on charges of unlawful imprisonment as well as aggravated and sexual assault, among others.

His wife told police the incidents were sparked after Muhammad had accused her of having an affair, court paperwork said. 

At one point, Muhammad picked her up and put her in their vehicle, police said. He then drove to and parked behind an Avondale Walgreens store, where the he punched her multiple times in the face, neck, back, chest and legs, officers said.

A court document stated Muhammad “used his hands during the assault to strangulate and impede the breathing of the victim.”

His wife said she continued to try to get away. Muhammad told her he was going to kill her because he had the right due to his “Islamic belief,” according to the probable cause statement.

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Honor Killings on Rise in the Netherlands

shariah-for-the-netherlandsIn the last few years, there have been more than 500 reports of honor killing in the Netherlands. In 2013, the number even rose. These incidents take the form of abuse, rape, kidnapping or murder, and are all in the effort to avenge someone.

This is according to the yearly report from the National Expertise Center Honor Related Violence (LEC EGG). The center gets requests for help from regional police units, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and from institutions where female victims are sheltered.

The victims of honor revenge are mostly Dutch people with a Turkish, Moroccan, Iraqi or Afghan background. In 20 cases in 2013, whereby the expertise center was involved, the revenge was fatal, with either murder, homicide or suicide.

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(Dis)Honor Killings in Pakistan

woman-in-PakistanA man in Gujranwala slit throats of his wife and two teenage daughters after suspecting them of dubious character.

The seriously injured lady told police her husband was a drug addict, and tried to kill her and daughters accusing them of being of bad character.

The three victims were rushed to DHQ Hospital in critical condition, while the culprit, identified as Abdul Hameed, was arrested.


A local panchayat (unofficial jury), headed by an influential landlord, ordered killing of a woman in the name of ‘honour’ here [Daharki] on Wednesday.

The panchayat also ordered to give two minor daughters of a man, charged for having illicit relations with the woman, as vani to the other party.

Vani is traditional custom in rural areas of the country wherein girl, from a family of male accused of crimes, are forcibly married to a man of the rival group.

The landlord also imprisoned the accused in his private jail. The panchayat also ruled to kill minor girls, 10-year-old Zubaida and seven-over-old Abida, if they were not handed over to the landlord in three days.

Gaza Imams Say Honor Killings Are Necessary

gaza-imamsA rise in the number and frequency of “honor killings” in this coastal territory has political and religious leaders wondering how many more young women must be killed by their families before the desired level of honor is attained.

Over the last three years the number of such killings has increased sharply, doubling twice since 2011.

Local Imams and Hamas officials say that the killings are necessary to preserve the honor of a girl’s family when she enters a relationship that might or might not be romantic, but has definitely not been approved by the other males in her life, because a girl cannot be trusted to make her own decisions.

A girl or woman who defies the will of those male relatives shames the family, and the honor of the family can then only be maintained when one or more of those males kills the woman.

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And this is the land that Medea Benjamin and Code Pink women defend!  Shame, shame on them.