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20 Nigerian Women Killed for Wearing Western Clothes

Nigerian Women in Western ClothesA day after 10 men were killed in Maiduguri, at least 20 women, some clad in mini-skirts and others in slacks, were slaughtered in their Maiduguri homes and college dormitories.

While members of the Boko Haram terrorist organization Boko Haram organization are suspected of committing the heinous terrorist acts, police have not confirmed the identities nor arrested any suspects.

Members of the radical Islamic terrorist group believe Western education is sinful. The group is a jihadist militant organization based in northeast Nigeria that violently opposes man-made laws and modern science, according to an allafrica report.

Friday, the Nigerian Joint Task Force, Operation ‘Restore Order,’ placed a bounty on suspected terrorists and members of Boko Haram.

The new execution-style violence is different than other recent killings conducted by Boko Haram Muslims in that it targeted women only. Authorities believe the women may have been slaughtered due to dressing in Western style.

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An “Ugly Trend” in Violence Against Women in Nigeria

Wife of Osun State governor, Mrs Sherifat  Aregbesola has lamented over the increased pace of violence against women, especially rape across the country. 

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The state’s first lady frowned at the way government at different levels handled the issue of violence against women with levity, urging those concerned to come up with ways to arrest the ugly trend, before it gets out of control.

She further called on parents to protect their female children against abuse by giving them adequate attention that would make them feel loved and secured.

According to her, parents should not discriminate in providing quality education and care for their children, saying even God does not discriminate against any sex when providing for the family needs.
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Mrs Aregbesola also called on governments at various levels to design more programmes that would give women more access to economic power, saying the present status accorded women is not in the best interest of the country.

She stated; “We know too well that women have limited access to economic and financial resources with negative impact on the well-being of women themselves, families, communities, economic growth and overall development. Therefore, we must constantly seek for opportunities to enhance the profile of women.

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