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Pakistani Cleric Says Muslim Women Can’t Object to Polygamy

Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani has said a Muslim woman cannot object to the second or subsequent marriages of her husband. Presiding over a meeting of the council here on Tuesday, he said a woman could not demand divorce if her husband married a second, third or fourth time.

He said Islam had given the women the right to separate from her husband, but another marriage could not be a valid ground for doing so.

The council discussed the relevant section of the Muslim Divorce Act, 1939, and observed that it was against Sharia.

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According to the Koran, Sura 4, verse 3, a man can marry up to four wives.

But he must treat them equally!

Wife Murdered for Not Letting Second Wife in Home

Polygamy wedding cake decorationPolice on Tuesday said a man, whose wife was found hanging and two children shot dead at their house on June 1, has confessed to murdering them.

Rubina, 30, was found hanging from a ceiling fan and her two daughters – Rida, 9, and Maimoona, 6, – lying shot dead on the floor of their house at Tahli Mori locality of the city.

[ . . . ]

Earlier, the suspect had claimed that his wife had committed suicide after killing his daughters.

But after the suspect was detained, he confessed to having killed his wife as she was not allowing him to bring his second wife home. The deceased woman had lodged a complaint with the police against her husband for allegedly torturing her.

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Polygamy Brings a Harmonious Society?

polygamy-in-islamThe Obedient Wives Club, launched in Malaysia, is part of the Global Ikhwan group which claims polygamy will lead to a harmonious society. It urges women to “be submissive and keep their spouses happy in the bedroom”.

Ikhwan vice-president Rohaya Mohamad has claimed women could “curb social ills” by serving their husbands “better than a first-class prostitute”.

Members of the group, which is run from a Greenwich restaurant, will appear at a debate about polygamy in London tonight. They say they want to show Muslims in Britain that the practice can work. But Sara Khan, director of Muslim women’s charity Inspire, said: “Polygamy is illegal under British law and such a club would reduce a woman to a mere prop in a man’s life. Not only does it demean women, it is demeaning to men too and the institution of marriage.”
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Watch the movie Four Wives and One Husband  to see the true story of polygamy and its effects on this Muslim ‘family.’

Hip Hop Star Akon Says One Woman Can’t Satisfy a Man’s Needs

Akon has sparked controversy after declaring that legalising polygamy in the US would decrease domestic disputes in relationships.

Speaking to TMZ, the hip hop star, who is a said to have five wives, claimed that the idea of a man staying faithful to one woman all his life was unrealistic as no woman could satisfy a man’s every need.

According to the 40-year-old Muslim, men need to be with multiple woman while women were not made to mate with more than one partner.

“The average guy in the world has a main girl and they got a side chick. And then they got a jumpoff. At the end of the day as a male we are natural breeders by nature. We can’t even escape it if we wanted to,” he said.

“Men are put on this earth to breed and the reason why God put multiple women on this earth is for that.”

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If Akon wants to be a good Believer according to Islamic doctrine, he needs to divorce one of his wives so he only has four, the number Muslim men can have at one time. Of course, to make up for the lost wife, according to the Sunna, he can always have infidel sex slaves for his pleasure.

Four Wives and One Husband: A Documentary on Polygamy in Iran

Iranian man and his four wives.I love Iranian films.  They are beautiful even when they show the ugliest sides of human nature. They provide a vehicle to transmit to uninformed Westerners what it is like to live in an Islamic society that allows little or no freedom for Muslim women and oppresses them and their children.  So, whether they are fiction or documentaries, the films are teaching tools as well as artistic endeavors and make Hollywood movies look like cheap hookers in a war combat zone.

The documentary, Four Wives and One Husband, by award-winning Iranian-Swedish filmmaker Nahid Persson Sarvestani was made under extremely difficult circumstances, with the raw footage smuggled out of Iran and finally edited in Sweden.

The film is an investigation of Islamic polygamy that allows a man to have up to four wives (as long as he treats them all the same way).  Persson-Sarvestanti brings us immediately into the intimate lives of this family of one husband, four wives and twenty children in rural Iran.  We see their daily lives, their interactions with each other and the sadness of what it means to be childless in this society.  With consummate skill, Persson-Sarvestanti never crosses that fine line of voyeurism that some documentaries seem to delight in.  The camera is always there but never intrudes.  Masterful!

This is not an uplifting film with a smiley face happy ending.  But we come to understand the jealousy and envy of women who must share a husband and the trials that this family system brings. Their story elicits our heart-felt compassion, for these women will never escape their almost slave-like existence that binds them to each other and to their husband by Islamic culture, religion and law.  Four Wives and One Husband is a must watch!  I give it five stars.

Libyan Husbands Can Now Practice Sharia Polygamy

Groom and two bridesTime for men in Libya to look for a second wife as the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court in the country abolished an old amendment that required men to have their first wife consent to them marrying a second one, according to AFP.

The previous Qaddafi regime requirement for a second marriage included written consent from the first wife and the man’s financial ability to be able to cater to both wives.

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According to Sharia law, men don’t have to have any consent from anyone to take a second wife.  Or a third, or a fourth.

Polygamy to Return to Tunisia?

polygamous marriage figurineThe head of a Tunisian Islamist organization called this week for his country to legalize polygamy as part of a post-revolution initiative to cancel all laws that contradict Islamic principles.

Adel Elmi, head of the Tunisian Moderate Association for Awareness and Reform, formerly known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, said in a Wednesday radio statement that marriage laws ought to be modified.

“Sanctioning polygamy is a popular demand now in Tunisia,” Elmi said.

The practice was permitted in Islam and should be legalized if it deemed in the best interest of society, Elmi said, proposing Tunisia’s marriage laws be referred to courts for modification, under certain conditions.

“For example, the first wife has to approve before her husband is allowed to remarry,” he said.

Tunisia has some of the strongest women’s rights laws in the Middle East. The Personal Status Code passed in 1956 by late Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba prohibited polygamy, raised the age of marriage for girls to 17 years old, facilitated women’s ability to obtain divorce in court, and banned forced marriages for minor girls.

But since the Islamic al-Nahda Party came to power in October elections last year, Tunisian women’s rights organizations have been apprehensive about the possibility losing some of their rights.

The new Islamist government has pledged to preserve women’s rights, but talk of Tunisian Islamist figures violating the polygamy ban has stirred controversy in the country.

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