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Female Darwin Award of the Year Goes to . . .

HT_kadiza_sultana_amira_abase_shamima_begum_2_h_blur_jt_150221_v4x3_16x9_992 copyShamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and an un-named 15-year-old flew to Istanbul, in Turkey, from Gatwick airport on Tuesday.

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The three British schoolgirls believed to be on their way to war-torn Syria could face beatings, sex slavery and even being killed if, as feared, they become “jihadi brides”.

Police officers are locked in a race against time to trace Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and an unnamed 15-year-old pal who are believed to have gone to Turkey in a bid to cross-over into Syria to ISIS held areas.

But many western women who join ISIS have suffered dreadfully at the hands of the brutal regime.

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Islam and Women, a Comprehensive Report

afghan-women-in-burka copyUnfortunately, Islam abhors equality for women. Each year, in alliance with Sharia Law, thousands of Muslim husbands and sons kill their wives and daughters in accordance with “honor killings.” They behead them, strangle them, stone them and shoot them. If a Muslim woman suffers rape, Muslim men blame the woman. Then a father, husband or son may kill that woman for dishonoring the family. On average, over 5,000 Muslim women suffer death annually at the hands of Islamic honor killings. (Source: United Nations “Honor Killings in Islamic Countries”)

Islam also mandates an ancient ritual called ‘female genital mutilation’. This custom, performed on their young girls, cuts and mutilates the vital sexual being out of the woman, usually before age nine. The butchery proves painful with no anesthetic and devastating for a lifetime for the woman! In some cases, the child dies from infections from the procedure carried on with crude instruments such as glass or razor blades. After the operation, she cannot enjoy any intimate fulfillment for the rest of her life.

According to Sharia Law, Muslim women found guilty of some error in personal conduct may be stoned to death. Muslim women cannot vote, drive cars or leave their homes without a family male escort. They must cover their bodies and heads with a burka. In many parts of the Middle East, they must cover their faces completely while in public. You’ve seen it on TV!

In effect, they must bow to the total subjugation of Muslim men. They cannot speak nor may they enjoy a voice in their societies. They must defer to men in public and private at all times. A Western person might call it misogyny in the extreme.

Brutal aspects of Sharia Law from the Koran:

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Why is this article coming from a conservative blog? Where are the liberals? Where are the feminist groups? Where is the mainstream media? MIA!

Muslim Girls’ Design and Technology Curriculum – Knitting and Sewing copyIn June our sister paper the Luton [England] News reported that Rabia Girls’ and Boys’ School had been panned by inspectors for “patchy” teaching and a curriculum which “only scrapes the surface of what it means to be a good citizen in Britain”.

Concerns were also raised over the differing subjects provided for the 269 pupils at the girls’ school, in Portland Road, and the boys’ school, in Dunstable Road.

A follow-up visit has found that the independent school, which charges £2,000 in annual fees for its pupils, has not fully addressed the problems.

A report published on Monday reads: “Boys have more time to study the national curriculum subjects.

“Older girls do not have the same opportunities to study science in a practical way because they do not have the same access to laboratory facilities that the boys have.”

It adds: “Opportunities for girls to develop a range of skills in physical education are limited because of the available outside space on their site. “Boys visit a local sports centre with greater facilities and they have the opportunity to learn how to swim.”

Inspectors also found that the school’s newly introduced design and technology curriculum “limits girls to activities related to knitting and sewing”.

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And why do the girls not have access to the same laboratory facilities as the boys? Are they segregated according to sex? Of course in Islam, females are seen as inferior to males, physically and mentally, and are to be confined to the home unless accompanied by a male guardian or family member.

Where are the British feminists? Are there any British feminists left or has sharia law overtaken the whole country?

No Female Solo Singing in Iran!

01 copyHassan Rouhani’s government will not issue permits for women to sing solo, Ali Jannati, the minister of Culture and Guidance has declared.

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Jannati remarks followed statements by two senior clerics in Qom announcing that women

cannot sing in Iran. Nouri Hamedani and Makarem Shirazi in their lectures in Qom protested an album that had songs of a female singer, state-run news agency website Tabnak reported on February 4.

Nouri Hamedani said in his lecture: There is no problem with women talking, but “women singing cannot become common and we will stop it.

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Musing on the Modern Muslim Man

HRH-Prince-Alwaleed-bin-Talal-2009-1 copy“Islam characterizes a woman’s nature as being pure and in need of protection. Women are idealized and placed on a pedestal to preserve their more glorified view of reality.

Women in Islam are encouraged to accept that they have physical disadvantages, because Islam has transformed these into a social advantage, by affording them a privileged status. Of course, all of this plays out rather ceremoniously, if at all. But it is part of the social contract Muslim women have traditionally embraced.”

“Women may be the weaker sex, but men, we are told, are the weaker sex when it comes to sex.”

“And since Women are conditioned to believe that men are socialized by women, a transgression on his part becomes a failure on hers. Although this is not explicitly stated, it is implicitly understood that when men misbehave, the fault rests with the women in our society; whose role is to maintain an image by overruling reality.”

“Unfortunately, as attitudes are shifting in favor of more and more freedoms in the Muslim world, they are sliding in the opposite direction when it comes to freedoms for women. In fact, as if in a last ditch effort to maintain the status quo, benevolent sexism in the Muslim world has given birth to a new aberration – the modern Muslim misogynist. . . . “

“He feels nostalgic about the time when women were self-regulated because he had them convinced that self-repression and blind obedience is social responsibility and religious glory.”

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ISIS Females on the Role of Women in the Islamic State

5e104965ff637606f4ccb8dfa81c797c0c37a6e174e4d6c28776e480f5b02a91_large copyMilitants working for ISIS’ all-female police force in Syria have released a manifesto on the role of women – claiming children as young as nine should be encouraged to get married and condemning beauty parlors as the work of the devil.

The chilling document, titled ‘Women in the Islamic State’, demands women live a completely ‘sedentary’ lifestyle and that their role in life should be primarily to remain ‘hidden and veiled’ and at the service of men, who are described as their masters.

The manifesto urges ‘pure’ females to ensure they are married by 16, ‘while they are still young and active’, but insists that children as young as nine can ‘legitimately’ marry adult men.

It goes on to state that beauty parlors and shops selling fashionable clothes must not be tolerated as they are both instruments of the devil designed to encourage women to spend vast amounts of money to change God’s design.

The document is the first of its kind to be released by ISIS’ all-female Al-Khansa Brigade and while it claims not to have been written or approved by ISIS’ leadership, it provides a disturbing look at the way women living under the terror group’s barbaric regime can expect to be viewed and treated.

The Manifesto on Women in Islamic State is here. It is, for the most part, doctrinally correct with some unadorned hypocrisy thrown in (like western science is bad but medicine is ok).

Pregnant Muslima Killed and Burned by Ex-Boyfriend

2309343612_e728c627a9-1 copy“Police are investigating the possible honor killing of a heavily pregnant 19-year-old woman in

Berlin, Germany. After the killing and burning of a 19-year-old pregnant woman in Berlin Köpenick, the police are investigating if one of the perpetrator’s Turkish family instigated the murder. The alleged killers were taken into custody over the…

New details have emerged about the brutal murder of a 19-year-old pregnant woman in Berlin Adlershof. “Her ex-boyfriend did not want to keep their child.” said the spokesman for the prosecutor, Martin Steltner, talking about the motive of the suspected killers.

Investigators do not rule out the possibility that the woman was killed to revenge dishonor brought upon the family (“honor killing”).

Maria P. was killed on Thursday in a forest in Berlin Adlershof. The young woman who was heavily pregnant, was stabbed two times in the abdomen. Then she was doused in gasoline and set on fire. She burned alive. Passers-by found her body Friday morning.

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Jail Time for Muslim Teens in Malaysia?



K-Pop stars B1A4, have unwittingly landed some Malaysian fans in very hot water. Last week, video footage surfaced of the boy band hugging and kissing (on the crown of the head) three young, star-struck female fans, under the inflammatory headline, “Malay girls molested on stage by K-Pop artists,” causing widespread outrage — at the girls. 

Under Malaysia’s Criminal Offences Act, even these simple, platonic gestures fall under strict public indecency laws. And so, politicians and keyboard warriors alike are calling for the girls’ prosecution for “offending the sensitivities” of Muslims.

The girls, as of writing, have not been identified, and authorities have called for them to come forward, warning criminal charges will be pursued if the girls don’t give themselves up.

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Pakistani Wife Hides from Husband Who Wants to Kill her

i9MQB_vREUoU copyOn a freezing December night, Shehla Gul is in hiding from her husband in a squat brick house in Pakistan’s Sindh province. Sitting on a bamboo cot wearing a head-to-toe hijab, only her eyes are visible, and they stare at the floor.

Gul has barely been outdoors since escaping through the back door of her family’s house three months earlier, when her husband and three men tried to kill her with a pistol, says her brother,

Ghulam Murtaza Chachar. Her spouse, Faiz Muhammad, accused her of having an affair, an offense that as many as 40 percent of Pakistanis believe would entitle him to execute her.

“My husband is still looking for me to kill me,” says Gul, who covers her face whenever she leaves the house in Ghotki district, about 540 kilometers (336 miles) northeast of Karachi. “Who can run away from this menace?”

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Sharia Says Husbands Must Know Wives’ Social Media Passwords

saudi-woman-computer-1 copyA Palestinian cleric has said that women who keep Facebook, Twitter and other internet account passwords secret from their husbands are violating the Islamic Sharia law.

According to a video posted to YouTube by the TV service of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the Palestinian cleric, Sheikh Khaled Al-Maghrabi, said in a lecture delivered at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque on December 16 that husbands are entitled under the Sharia code to demand to know their wives’ Facebook and other social media passwords.

“In marital relations, the wife must not keep any secrets from her husband. If the wife has a cell phone and she uses a password, but refuses to give her husband the password, this constitutes a violation of Islamic law. This is prohibited. A woman is not allowed to block her cell phone from her husband.

“If, for example, she has a Facebook account with a password, but her husband does not know the password, this constitutes a violation of Islamic law, because her husband must be able to check her Internet account at any time. That is his right! He is entitled to demand this.

“Under no circumstances whatsoever may a woman have a cell phone, a laptop, or any kind of Internet account, which is locked with a password that is unknown to her husband. This would constitute a violation of Islamic law regarding marital relations.”

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It’s all about control. Women are basically bought and sold via family and marriage like chattel. They must submit to Allah, the prophet, their fathers, their brothers, other males in the family including their sons. The concept of freedom for females is non-existent in Islam.