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  1. Nadine Gary says:

    Female Genital Mutilation can be repaired surgically. is a humanitarian organization dedicated to restoring the pleasure and dignity of FGM victims both in Western Countries and in Africa where we are building a hospital to heal women who have been genitally mutilated

  2. Our foundation creates DVD curriculum for adults interested in progressive religion. We are presently producing a series with Sr. Joan Chittister, Sisters of Erie, the world renowned advocate for women’s rights. In the series, she re-interprets the ancient 10 Commandments, recognizing the corruption and oppression of the ancient patriarchy that continues to use its power against women and girls around the world. By her reinterpretation, Sr. Joan teaches that authentic faith in any religion must elevate women and seek gender balance in all levels of leadership in every walk of life.
    We would be grateful if you could help us obtain rights to use the harem image on your site as we provide graphic support for her video lectures. The series will include 12, 10 to 15 minute video lectures shot in 1020 HD with professional productions values. A full color, 100+ Readers Guide will be produced with the videos for small group discussion, etc. The series will be released in early 2013. Please contact me at your convenience either via the email address above or via phone, 601-454-7610 or call our offices in Jackson, MS at 800-882-7424. You can check out our website at Thank you.
    David Dykes

  3. Shafaz says:

    You who are ignorant to Islam,have no right in ‘saving’ my muslim sisters. Nonetheless, InshaAllah you will be given sight and guided to the straight path. Ameen.

    • Asma Marwan says:

      Do you deny the surahs from Allah that I quote?

      I do not wish to save the Muslim sisters. Only they can save themselves.

  4. A Muslim Pearl says:


    what a bitch you are! You have really no clue about Islam, about Qur’an and the Sunnah!

    Mixing up your culture with Islam is no excuse for spreading such lies.

    The good thing is, your so called oppression will not end, but will get even worse on the DoJ.

    See you in hell in sha Allah!

  5. Lynn says:

    I have been dealing with an insane situation for over ten years. A Muslim man I met has been terrorizing, destroying and sabotaging my life with 100′s of people. I met this man in San Clemente California. This man has isolated me from the world. I have tried everything to get my life to no avail. I am not sure I will ever get my life. This man told me he was not married and then after I slept with him told me it was just about sex. I told this man I did not want to see him anymore and he persisted in contacting me. Then he told me he and his wife were coming after me and lets see who can fuck with who. It is a nightmare that will not end. What can I do to get my life back?

    • Anggun Astuty says:

      seriously? is this because that man religion or is it about personality of that jerk? don’t blame the religion, ma’am

  6. Anggun Astuty says:

    I feel really sad..from articles i read, I know the writer know a lot about Islam, yet know nothing about it. All the hadith used was non legit ones, all the Quran verses used are poorly interpreted. It is the writer’s intention, i think. If only you read the whole verse, you would know the truth. It is apparent that the writer cannot differentiate which one is religion issues and which one cultural issues, the writer clearly uses religion as a scapegoat.

    Also, from what i see, the writer is two-faced creature. The posts gave all wrong impression human could imagine about Islam, but yet the writer’s reply seems like defending Islam. Muslim know what happened to two-faced creature..

    I will keep posting my replies to the articles here in hope could straighten things about Islam..

    If this is writer’s propaganda to blacken Islam’s name, than my replies is my propaganda and jihad

    Hope Allah forgiveness given to you..

    • Asma Marwan says:

      I quote the strong hadiths, from Bukhari and Muslim and from the book of Allah’s own words, the Koran.

      Actually Islam is the two faced creature, with one doctrine coming from Mohammed’s time in Mecca and another doctrine (of war) coming from his later time in Medina. Unfortunately, the use of abrogation means that those verses from the Medina have precedence over the more spiritual ones from Mecca. This is the dualistic logic that Islam runs on and it is in opposition to the Western idea of unitary logic and actually the idea of the Unity of all that is.

  7. Minminasah says:

    Jesus said!Matthew 7:5
    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
    Protestant Clergy Abuse Equals or Exceeds Catholic Clergy Abuse.
    Israel Forum > Israel Discussions > Religion/Culture > New Scandal: Egyptian priest had sex with 5000 women over the course of his career
    View Full Version : New Scandal: Egyptian priest had sex with 5000 women over the course of his career.. .

    • Asma Marwan says:

      It is not appropriate to bring up comparative religions on this site and it is not pertinent. There are others that deal in this type of debate that would welcome your comments.

  8. BLFER says:

    Is Asma Marwan the only writer for this website? Pretty good. But why only this writer? Why aren’t more women outraged about these things? What a shame.

    I passed this website on to my Pastor and she (yes, that is correct — a woman) would not admit to these things happening in Islam. I feel sorry for her. She won’t even admit the truth to herself about islam cconcerning women’s rights or lack thereof. What a Dhimmi.

    I’m really sorry to say that, but she is… a dhimmi. Which I can’t stand…

    We should run a contest about how many dhimmis do you know of or know personally?

  9. Asma Marwan says:

    Unfortunately, the dhimmis outnumber those who know and understand by a large margin. That is why I work hard at educating those near and far from me about the oppression of women by Islam.

  10. Amanda says:

    All these stories are so so horrifying!!!!!!
    I wish we could do more to help!! I pray the women that are searching for true love and true peace would find it!

  11. Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness, I just finished reading about 17 year old Gul Meena. I prayed for her. I just cannot believe people can be so heartless but than again without Jesus I probably would be too.
    God bless you to the writer for bringing these issues up. It takes courage.

  12. manda says:

    I nominated you for the Shine On Award! Keep shining, you truly are an inspiration to all women!
    Keep informing and keep inspiring! I know the stories you post are sad and a lot of times sickening but your heart shines through your blog. Don’t stop!!!

  13. Marty says:

    I am so encouraged by your work. I have always had an issue with feminists in the west who try so hard to turn a blind eye to women who suffer in Islam both Muslim and non Muslim. Feminists of convenience!
    It is so hard to read but I do find it necessary because there is so much false info out there.
    I do check out your sources because I never take information at face value.
    I commit to following your blog and praying for the victims and their families.
    Thank you and The Lord Jesus bless you.

  14. Jamaldeen says:

    Womens rights have very well in Qatar.Every women is a mother.Everybody in this world have a mother.Most of the women covering nicely other than any in, Qatar.

  15. Ali Akber says:

    It is understood that you are ignorant of islamic values. Don’t dance to the times of haters of Islam for the sake of money and becoming famous. I’m 100% sure Muslim women are mostly leaving respectful and happy life compare to non Muslim women, so called modern feminist women are leading miserable life without husband and family value,world give them respect only with something in return. They have even used as ad commodities, promoting business and leading animal like life. Where as our religion of truth taught to respect women, don’t force them to earn, and even when a Muslim women get old nobody will throw her to old age home like western people do, they serve her here as queen to get blessings from God, this is the reason why most of the new Muslim coverts around the world are women, they feel safety and security in islamic way of life, it is sacred.. I’m 100% sure although you have name and fame you lack peace of mind, you won’t get it in these artificial materialistic life, you need right guidance and blessing from God. Men and women are two different things, can not be equal at all. Women had weakness compare to men. And all the corruption in the society due to over freedom to women, most of the Children don’t know who I their father is. Islam is true and perfect way of life, sister one more advise to you. Now you have support behind you and once you lose your youth and beauty nobody will look at you. Even otherwise we have to die one day and see the wrath of God for misleading people, we will be alone there. Nobody can help us except our good deeds, if you think you are intelligent than you creator and his messenger then you will be leading your life towards hell,, please think and repent before the death angel snatch your soul. Nobody know how many days months years left in their life except the almighty, the creator, sustainer of the whole universe and creators. I pray for you my sister, May Allah guide you and enlighten your heart..ameen

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