A woman in Islam is defined as a physical being only, driven by her lust and desire.  Thus, she represents fitna, (chaos) which must be controlled for the sake of the collective, the tribe.  In Islam a woman is inferior intellectually to a man.

The woman should be silent, obedient to her father, her brother, her husband, without question.  She should stay cloistered or confined to her house or those of her relatives.  When economics drives her out of the home to work, she must stay within the tight box of Islamic doctrine and stay away from Western ideas and culture.

In Islam, the relationship between a man and a woman is condemned to go no higher than the physical, material level.    There is no foundation for the sharing of the heart and the mind between the sexes.  Marriage is not made sacred.  It is a civil act involving the transference of wealth.  A woman can never be equal to a man, can never be a partner in a sacred sacrament.  She can never hope to be anything but a man’s possession and is always subservient to him.  This is Islamic doctrine and sharia law.

This is a doctrine that offends kafir women of the world.  A patriarchy is not an enlightened concept.  It is retrogressive; it is against the U.S. Constitution.  It is backwards, primitive and barbaric.  It is devolution.

Our Mission

As long as women suffer under this yolk of near slavery, we will never stop protesting the hideous sub-human treatment such as Female Genital Mutilation, honor killings and gender discrimination.  Western women have attained the highest pinnacle of human rights in the written history of humanity.  Our mission now is to help those who are under the yolk of near servitude so they can achieve the highest level of their potential.

The Bulletin of the Oppression of Women provides:

–  a site reporting current events around the world concerning the plight of Muslim women

–  a site for education about the Islamic doctrine concerning women that leads to this plight

–  a site for discussion the Islamic oppression of women and what actions can be taken

Asma Marwan, Editor

(Read the story below for the origin of this pen name)

The Story of the Poetess Asma bint [daughter of] Marwan and her Death *

There was a poetess [in Medina] who wrote a poem against Mohammed and his new way of life, Islam. Mohammed said, “Who will rid me of Marwan’s daughter?”  One of his followers heard him and on that very night went to the woman’s home and killed her.

The assassin was able to do the work in the dark as the woman slept.  Her other children lay in the room, but her babe lay on her breast.  The stealthy assassin removed the child and drove the knife into her with such force that he pinned her to the bed.
In the morning, he went to Mohammed and told him [what he’d done].  Mohammed said, “You have helped Allah and his Apostle.”  When asked about the consequences, Mohammed said, “Two goats won’t butt their heads together over this.”

Mohammed turned to the people in the mosque.  He said, “If you wish to see a man who has assisted Allah and his Prophet, look ye here.”  Omar cried, “What, the blind Omeir?”

“No,” said Mohammed, “call him Omeir the Seeing.”

* from the Sira (the life of Mohammed) Source Texts

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Oxford:  Oxford University Press, page 996.

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