Muslim Feminist Attacked, Hair and Eyebrows Shaved Off

Amina SbouiFormer Femen militant, Tunisia’s Amina Sboui, said she was attacked Sunday at dawn in a Parisian square by five people who ”shaved her eyebrows and hair”.

Amina denounced the aggression on her Facebook page where she posted a selfie a few hours after the alleged attack.

The woman said five people attacked her at around 5 am Sunday in the Clichy station, in Pigalle: ”they shaved my eyebrows and hair, telling me I don’t deserve the beauty Allah gave me, they called me a whore and told me they would raped me and would be thanked by Allah for it!”.

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British Muslim Twins Go to Join ISIS Jihadis

Muslim Teen Twin Sisters Join ISIS JihadistsTwin schoolgirls who followed their jihadi brother to Syria were hard-working students who hoped to train as doctors.

Sixteen-year-olds Salma and Zahra Halane, who last summer achieved 28 GCSEs between them, left their parents’ home in the middle of the night and caught a flight to Turkey, before crossing the border.

Police said the pair are thought to have followed their elder brother, who ditched his own ‘excellent’ academic career to join the ISIS terror group around a year ago.

Friends said the twins had appeared to be typical teenagers, pouting for selfies and shopping at Primark – but they are now feared to be training for battle.

Last night a rebel fighter boasted that he was teaching girls as young as 16 how to fight. Yilmaz, a Dutch national who has been in Syria for two years, told Sky News: ‘It’s extremely easy to get here. People go on holiday … they end up in Syria.’  

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Saudi Religious Police:  No Women Allowed

Saudi Police Following a WomanPlans by Saudi Arabia’s religious police to recruit women for the first time has failed because of opposition by some parties in the Muslim Gulf Kingdom, the police chief was quoted on Friday as saying.

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What a shocker!  Not.

Pakistani Sisters Murdered for Dancing in the Rain

pakistani-girls-murdered-for-dancing-in-rainTwo teenage sisters have been shot dead in Pakistan for allegedly dancing in the rain.

Sisters Noor Basra, 15, Noor Sheza, 16, and their mother, Noshehra, were shot dead by five gunmen after a video of the two girls enjoying the rain shower in traditional dress spread throughout their conservative northern town.

The sisters’ stepbrother is now being blamed for ordering their deaths on June 23 in an effort to restore the family’s “honor” six months after the video surfaced.

That 22-year-old stepbrother, Khutore, has since been arrested for carrying out the attack according to police

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The playing of music, singing and dancing in Islam are disputed.  Some Islamic religious scholars say they are permitted (halal) but only in certain settings, like festivals and at weddings.  Others say participation must be gender-separate. These activities are not considered arts, but entertainment. Read for yourself what the Muslims say here,  here, here  and here.

The dancing-for-sheer-joy that the sisters were doing is haram (not-permitted) since it was an expression of their own emotions and was not for an Islamic event.  Since it could be seen by men on a video, the girls dishonored their family.  Watch the video.  They are lovely young women who dance exquisitely and have the exuberance of youth.  Now they are dead.

Children Forced To Watch Gruesome Honor Killing

Victims of Honor Killing in PakistanNew information on the horrific deaths of a newlywed couple by the bride’s immediate family have emerged today. Children were forced to watch as the bride’s mother, father, grandfather and uncles, slit the newlywed’s throats and let them bleed to death in this honor killing according to the National Post on June 29.

This was considered a lesson not to marry against your parents’’ wishes to the girls in this Pakistan village where the grisly murders took place. This newlywed couple fell in love and married for love, but the bride’s family was dead against this union.

Media outlets, like CNN  originally reported that the newlyweds were beheaded, but their throats were slit and they bled to death in front of a crowd. At one point someone in the crowd said the children should be sent away but the bride’s father told them to stay and watch the killings. The father said that “they should learn what would happen to them if they married someone of their own choice.”

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Kidnapped School Girls Escape from Boko Haram

Protest against Boko HaramSixty-three women and girls kidnapped by Boko Haram last month in Nigeria escaped from their captors and have returned to their burnt village, a security source and a local vigilante fighting the militant group said.

The hostages were seized from the Kummabza village in northern Borno state on June 18 after a four-day invasion of the village by Boko Haram insurgents. The militants killed 30 men and burned the entire village.

The group is still believed to be holding over 200 schoolgirls abducted April 14 from their hostels in the town of Chibok — a case that drew international outrage and prompted a global campaign for their release.

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Talk Advocating Honor Killing Cancelled at “Festival of Dangerous Ideas”

Hizb-ut-Tahrir-Australia signA planned talk on whether honour killings can be morally justified as part of Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas has been cancelled following public outrage, officials said.

Uthman Badar, spokesman for the Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, had been set to speak on the topic “Honour Killings Are Morally Justified” at the Sydney Opera House in August, but the festival said late Tuesday it would not go ahead.

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ISIS Jihadists in Iraq Rape Christian Women and Girls for Not Paying Dhimmi Tax

Iraqi Christian grieving. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has begun to brutally enforce Islamic laws (AINA 2014-06-14) in Mosul, Iraq, which it overran on June 10.

Dr. Sallama Al Khafaji, a member of the Iraq High Commission for Human Rights, told AINA that on Saturday, June 21 ISIS began demanding a poll tax (jizya) from Christians in Mosul (AINA 2014-06-21).

In one instance, ISIS members entered the home of an Assyrian family in Mosul and demanded the poll tax (jizya). When the Assyrian family said they did not have the money, three ISIS members raped the mother and daughter in front of the husband and father. The husband and father was so traumatized that he committed suicide.

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Rape in Egypt – the Muslim Brotherhood Gets Even

Men carry woman in Tahrir Squareby Raymond Ibrahim,  FrontPage Magazine:

Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers recently went on a sexual assault and rape spree in Egypt as a way of “getting even” with those women who dared to celebrate the presidential victory of Abdel Fatteh al-Sisi—the former army chief who overthrew Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt.

On June 8, when tens of thousands of Egyptians congregated in Tahrir Square to celebrate Sisi’s inauguration, dozens of women were sexually assaulted and many more harassed.  According to a statement later released by the Ministry of Interior, seven men between the ages of 15 and 49 were arrested for sexually assaulting “a number of women.”

One 19-year-old female student was especially brutalized—and videotaped as she was stripped naked and sexually assaulted by a throng of men.  (I saw the graphic video on YouTube, though it has since been removed; a much less graphic clip of the initial assault appears here.)  A gun-waving police officer eventually managed to rescue the woman from her ordeal, though after sustaining injuries himself.

Sexually harassing or raping those supportive of Sisi by way of “retribution” is not uncommon in Egypt.  Earlier, a six-year-old boy was raped by a Muslim Brotherhood member who was “angered” at the child for singing praises to Sisi. He lured the boy into a shed, locked the doors, and proceeded to rape him, while saying, “You’re always holding pictures of this Sisi and singing his praises.  Come, I’ll humiliate and break you—and your Sisi.”

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Honor Killing and Violence in Pakistan

Hand holds a bloody knifeBrothers of a woman, who married for love without the consent of her family, shot and stabbed to death her husband and left her injured in an attack on their house in Latifabad Unit No12 on Sunday, said police.

A-Section police station SHO Sikandar Bhatti said that Nabeel, 25, and Samina Rani Rao, 22, daughter of Idrees, who were neighbours married in court on Feb 4 without the consent of the girl’s family and fled to Karachi after the wedlock for fear of the family’s backlash. They had been in hiding since the marriage.

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