More on Muslim Grooming and Rape of British Teens


2012622_124011 copyShabir Ahmed, a delivery driver for two takeout places, did not have to go looking for young girls. Runaways and rebellious teenagers would show up at the restaurants, often hungry and cold. He slipped them free drinks and chicken tikka masala. “Call me Daddy,” he would say.

But soon, Ahmed, a father of four, would demand payback. In a room above one of the restaurants, according to testimony and evidence in later legal proceedings against him, he would play a pornographic DVD and pass around shots of vodka. Then, on a floor mattress with crumpled blue sheets and kitchen smells wafting from below, he raped them, and later forced them into sex with co-workers and friends, too.

The girls were too scared of him to talk. And when they did, no one believed them. Once, a 15- year-old got so drunk and upset that she smashed a glass counter. Ahmed and his colleagues did not hesitate to call the police. After she was released, she was coerced into sex four or five times a week, sometimes with half a dozen men at a time, in apartments and taxis around Rochdale, a town in northwest England near Manchester.

The police and other agencies were alerted more than 100 times over six years to the possibility that something very wrong was happening before Ahmed, now 61, was arrested and charged as the leader of a sexual exploitation ring that involved eight men of Pakistani descent and one Afghan. In May 2012, he was given a 19-year prison sentence for raping and abetting rape in a case involving at least 47 girls, all of them white. Ahmed showed no remorse. He called the judge a “racist bastard,” the girls “prostitutes” and blamed white Britons for “training” their daughters in drinking and sexual activity at a young age.

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The recent revelations that at least 1,400 teenage and preteenage girls had been sexually exploited over 16 years by so-called grooming gangs in another northern English city, Rotherham, stunned the nation because of the sheer scale of the abuse. And it put an uncomfortable spotlight on issues of race, religion and ethnicity in an increasingly multicultural nation: Nearly all of the rape suspects are Pakistani men, and nearly all of the victims are white.

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It is sad that these girls have no decent family and ethics to keep them safe from sexual predators. And it is disgusting that Islam allows for this ‘rape jihad’ behavior.


Rape Victim Confronts her Rapist and is Arrested


delhi_rape_victim_1355833801_540x540 copyA victim of Rotherham’s child sex abuse scandal confronted a man she says groomed her – but was left shocked when she was the one arrested.

The woman was shocked when she saw the man walking through the town’s centre on Friday and decided to challenge him over the allegations.

But she was tackled by two police officers and pushed up against a wall during her ‘thuggish’ arrest, a witness has said.

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This twisted, perverted behavior adds insult to injury. First, this poor girl is abused and raped by Muslim men, then treated like a criminal by British law enforcement. Is this multiculturalism and political correctness gone haywire or have the Brits totally lost their moral compass and embraced sheer evil as a standard to live by? What is happening to Britain?


Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery = FGM?

WebA recent seminar on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) at King’s College revealed that the argument for cultural relativism might not yet be dead, as activists against the practice continue to face opposition on the basis of hypocrisy, double standards and cultural hegemony.

Proponents of FGM argue that oppressive cultural practices in the West abound, and the recent increase in Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery across the Western world is only adding fuel to this fire.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines FGM as “all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.” The label ‘FGM’ applies to a variety of procedures, which are more numerous and varied than most people might imagine. The practice is alarmingly common, with more than 130 million women around the world currently living with the painful legacy of the procedure.

In the UK, Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (FGCS), known colloquially as “designer vagina” surgery, is becoming increasingly common; figures suggest that the number of labial reduction procedures rose fivefold in the UK from 2001 to 2010. Designer vagina surgery, which usually involves the reduction in size of the labia minora, was carried out 2000 times in 2010 on the NHS. While some of these operations are carried out for medical reasons, the vast majority of women undergoing these operations do so with purely cosmetic objectives in mind. This trend is reflected across Western society, with more and more women willing to undergo surgery in the pursuit of a “neater”, more aesthetically pleasing vagina.

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ISIS Video of Jihadis Bartering for Yazidi Sex Slaves

scene-from-a-muslim-slave-market-of-white-women2-otto-pilny copyAn unsettling video has emerged purporting to show Islamic State fighters bartering over Yazidi women at a slave girl ‘market’. The terror organisation recently boasted of enslaving women from the Iraqi ethnic minority, and the men appearing in the clip explain it is ‘slave market day’.

The clip shows the men negotiating the price of the women, with blue and green-eyed young girls fetching a higher price.

It starts with one man saying to the camera: ‘Today is the slave market day. Today is the day where this [Koran] verse applies: ‘Except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands possess, – for (then) they are not too be blamed’.

He added: ‘Today is distribution day God willing. Each one takes his share.’ Another then says: ‘I swear man I am searching for a girl. I hope I find one.’

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Female sex slaves are permitted booty for jihadis by the sunnah of Mohammed and the Koran, Sura 4:24.

Jinn Possession in Islam

jinn copyAn increasing number of Muslims in Scotland are claiming to be “possessed” by jinn, raising psychiatrists concern, thus calling for a faith-based support to offer an inclusive treatment for the patients..

“Many of the women who initially contact us want relationship counseling but after a few sessions they highlight the issue of possession by jinn (in the Islamic faith, supernatural creatures made from fire) or that someone is practicing black magic on their family,” Amina Akhtar, director of Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre (Amina MWRC), told the Herald Scotland.

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In Islam, jinn possessing humans and controlling them is a bit controversial. While some scholars see it as a fact, others totally reject it claiming that there is no evidence for this.

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However, it is true that some of the past scholars (Ibn Taymiyyah and others) have considered it as a fact while others deny this, Sheikh Kutty added.

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More about jinns in Islam:

In fact the abuses in muslim communities are sometimes backed by sharia law. According to a recent BBC report, a sharia court in Dubai has awarded a divorce to a man on the ground that the wife was ‘possessed’ by genies(Arabic- jinns). Possessed by jinns? In this 21st century? Yes that is a 21st century sharia ruling in Dubai.

The belief in jinns is rooted in Arabic mythology. But muslims who profess belief in jinns do not think jinns as mythical beings. They believe jinns are real – real in their being, real in their possession and real in the consequences of such possession. Muslims believe jinns are spirits that ”are able to take human and animal forms and to exercise supernatural influence over humans”. To many muslims in West and Central Africa, belief in jinn possession serves the same magical function as the belief in witchcraft or the belief in evil spirits or demons. In fact they think that witchcraft is ‘jinn-craft’.

Pakistani Cleric Says Muslim Women Can’t Object to Polygamy

Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani has said a Muslim woman cannot object to the second or subsequent marriages of her husband. Presiding over a meeting of the council here on Tuesday, he said a woman could not demand divorce if her husband married a second, third or fourth time.

He said Islam had given the women the right to separate from her husband, but another marriage could not be a valid ground for doing so.

The council discussed the relevant section of the Muslim Divorce Act, 1939, and observed that it was against Sharia.

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According to the Koran, Sura 4, verse 3, a man can marry up to four wives.

But he must treat them equally!

Muslim Woman in Israel Shot in Honor Killing

honor-killing copyBusan Abu Ghanem, 31, was shot at close range while going to pick up her children from a relative’s house, The victim’s mother was also murdered, as were at least 10 female relatives over the last ten years. The victim’s sister, believed to be dead, is still missing.

Over the last decade, more than 10 female members of the Abu Ghanem clan have been murdered. Police say the murders were honor killings — killings of family members due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victims have brought shame or dishonor on the family.

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Problems with Gender Equity in Islam

unchildren_iran_by_stefania_spanc3b2_per_terre_des_hommes_low copyMuslim countries worldwide have problems with gender equality. They dominate the bottom 10 countries in the Global Gender Gap Report, and none of the 10 most successful countries offering equal opportunities for men and women is Muslim.

Girls lag behind boys in school attendance, making up 54 per cent of the out-of-school child population in the Arab states, a figure that has not changed since 2000.

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Why this inequity?

In many Muslim countries, women are subjected to patriarchal norms and varying degrees of restriction on economic participation. This reduces the value of girls’ education in society.

Some scholars blame culture and religion for this problem. Others say the economic structure of some Muslim countries is not conducive to women’s development.

They argue patriarchal norms persist because oil-rich economies limit the role of women in the paid workforce and restrict their participation in politics.

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Here’s a statistical analysis of the position of women in Islamic doctrine from the Center for the Study of Political Islam:

Islam’s stand on women is the same as its stand on every issue—duality and submission. Dualism demands that everything is seen, not as a unified whole, but as divided. The primary political duality is the division between kafirs (unbelievers) and believers. The primary internal duality is the division between males and females.

The principle of submission means that one must rule over the other. No surprise, the women must submit to the men. CSPI measured the submission of the female to the male by analyzing the Islamic doctrine.

All of Islam’s doctrine is found in the Koran, the Hadith (Traditions) and the Sira (the life of Mohammed), the Trilogy. We collected every verse, every paragraph and every sentence that mentioned women and their power relationships. These were all categorized into the women being superior, inferior, equal or merely mentioned.

In 4% of the cases, women were superior, in 91% of the cases they were inferior and in 5% they were equal. But there is a big catch. The only way that women are equal is after death on Judgment day, when men and women will be judged on how well they followed the Koran and the Sunna. And guess what? The only way to follow the Koran and the Sunna is to obey men.

Equality means obeying men.

Acid Attacks on Women in Iran

Zealots on motorcycles are throwing acid at women whose veils are deemed too loose in the ancient city of Isfahan. Are they defying the law, or enforcing it?

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On October 16 the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) confirmed one report: a woman in a car had been attacked, and acid was thrown in her face. There was widespread speculation that it was done as a means of punishment because the woman was wearing an “improper” hejab arranged to show too much of the hair and face beneath.

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FGM on the Rise in Britain

FGM copyHundreds of women in England are being recorded as victims of female genital mutilation every month, a landmark report indicates.

In April this year, hospitals in England were told to start recording cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) they identified.

The figures today are from the first batch of statistics collated and released today by the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

They show that in the last six months, 1,746 cases of the crime were identified in English hospitals.

In September alone, there were 467 new cases where women had been subjected to FGM. This adds to a further 1,279 cases of women who already been identified by the NHS in the five months previously as having been subjected to FGM.

However it is feared the figures could simply be the ‘tip of the iceberg’, with the practice a largely ‘hidden crime’ .

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POLICE chiefs are warning people to be on the lookout for youngsters being taken overseas for female genital mutilation over the half-term break.

Children in Bolton and across Greater Manchester might be vulnerable, police said, as adults often use school holidays to take young girls to Africa, Asia and the Middle East where the procedure, which has been illegal in the UK since 1985, is most prevalent.

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