3 thoughts on “RESOURCES

  1. Elena Walton

    This image you have used http://bulletinoftheoppressionofwomen.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Veiled-muslim-woman-reveals-abuse-300×121.jpg
    is copyrighted and I would like you to please take it down.

    I do not give you permission to use this image, especially not for your campaign against muslim women.

    I took these photos with a friend who was not abused and we are both very upset with how these are being used. Please remove them immediately.

  2. Asma Marwan

    Elena, I apologize. I mistook your image (veiled Muslim woman with bruises on her face) as a sympathetic statement of like- mind and could have at least given you credit where much credit is due.

    Cathy, your reply is true. There’s no animosity here against Muslim women, only sympathy for their plight and lack of basic human freedoms. We see them suffer, beaten and charred, abused and scared and it hurts our hearts.

    But Elena this blog does represent a campaign. A campaign against a belief system that hampers creativity, stifles curiosity, oppresses women and makes a retrograde civilization that is perpetually being reborn in 7th century Arabia. And what is with this – that the women walk behind the man a few feet. Disgusting. A woman stands side by side with the man in a civilized culture.