This list is by no means complete.  If you have a favorite video on the subject of the oppression of women in Islam, please contact us and give a link to it.

An Inconvenient Truth about Islam from an Ex-Muslim Woman

Truth About Islam, Wafa Sultan

Abuse of Women in Islam Part 1, Janet Levy

Abuse of Women in Islam Part 2, Wafa Sultan

Submission: Part 1, Theo VanGogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali

How to Beat Your Wife, Bahraini Cleric Abdullah Aal Mahmud

A Husband Can Kill His Wife if She Commits Adultery, Egyptian Sheik Gamal Qutub

Saudi Cleric Dr. Abd Al’Aziz Al Fawzan:  A Woman Is Not Allowed to Drive a Car

The Rights of a Wife in Islam

Female Masturbation, Sheik Yusef Qaradhawi

Child Bride of 7 in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Child Brides 2009

Honour Killings (in Britain)

Murder in the Family:  Honor Killings in American





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