Women’s Web Sites

Atlas Shrugs


Center for Women Policy

Children’s Rights Institute

Different National/Ethic Feminisms

Equal and Free

Faith Freedom

Faith Freedom – Women’s Pages


Former Muslims United

Hello Ladies

Jihad Monitor

Jihad Watch

Middle East Media Research Institute (translates Islamic media programs and posts video)

National Organization for Women (NOW)

Oriana Fallaci, Journalist, Interviewer, Author
Oriana Fallaci, from The Useless Sex

The Phyllis Chesler Organization
Phyllis Chelser on Feminism

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan  (RAWA)

Safra Project

Salon – Feminism

Sisters in Islam

Tammy Bruce

Uppity Women

Women Against Sharia

Women and Islamic Cultures: Bibliography of Books and Articles In European Languages since 1993

Women’s E-News

Women’s Law

Women’s Watch

Islamic Web sites and Blogs  an activist Islamist organization associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and HAMAS.   a Salafi Islamic site   Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim Brotherhood site  Web site of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.  Articles about Islam in U.S. from Muslim point of view.  News, Islamic doctrine, much info from all over the world.  World of Islam portal, links to news, doctrine, groups, and other Islamic information.   Salafi web site called Islaam.   Jihadist web site calling for jihad against Western world.   Explanations of Islamic terms and dawah(mission outreach) articles with a links page to many radical jihad web sites  Asian Salafi site

2 thoughts on “WEBSITES

  1. Jim

    I was just pointed to your web site. It is very impressive.
    The Infidel Task Force is a major supporter of womens rights around the world. Its in our mission statement.

    I’m writing to ask a few things:
    First, is it possible to use any of the items on your wen site to be posted on the ITF.
    Second, is to ask you to come tot he ITF and look at our site. We have been around for several years, but we are still growing.
    In fact…we have 4 web sites, but the ITF is the main site. Our Facebook site is seen by hundreds of thousands around the world.
    When you go to our main site, look at these two pages:
    Women in Islam
    Voices of Islam.
    Those two pages will convince you of our sincerity.

    here are they address of our two main sites:

    Again, you are running a very informative site. I hope that you have helped many, many women from discrimination.
    Thank you